Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


ilate small, yellowish ; anal tube quite short but stout, yellowish.

.egs brown, front legs not distinctly paler; a few longish hairs

lelow the basal half of hind femora ; bristles on hind tibiæ small

ind fine. Wings yellowish or light brownish tinged, thick veins

,'ellow, thin veins darker, more brown ; costa not reaching the

niddle, 0,i5 of the wing-length ; costal divisions proportionately

tbout as 11—6— 4; fork longish and the angle somewhat acute

:ostal cilia long; fourth vein evenly curved. Halteres black or

5lackish brown. Length about 1,5 mm.


Holte ^Vs 1917, Hillerød ^Ve 1919 (Th. Mortensen); three

This species is easily distinguished from the others in this

^roup as none of them show so short a costa nor, I think, so

icute a fork.

36. A. setifev n. sp. c?.

Male. Frons considerably broader than long, greyish black

^ristles strong, inner bristle of lower row a little below the oute

\né. about equally distant from it and from the upper supraantennal

>upraantennals unequal, the lower pair quite small; the upper

lupraantennals as distant as the inner bristles of the middle row

he lower slightly more approximated. Antennæ somewhat large

3lack, arista distinctly pubescent. Palpi well developed, a little

^bove ordinary size, brownish, they have a long bristle at the end

he other seem to be weaker. Thorax black; mesopleura bare

Scutellum with two bristles, Abdomen black, long, slender and

apering. Hypopygium dark brown, somewhat greyish; it is large

onger than the sixth segment, somewhat cylindical ; it has nume

"GUS short hairs on the hinder part downwards on the sides but

10 bristles; ventral plate large, brownish, rounded at the end

inal tube short, brownish. Legs yellowish brown, hind femora

slightly darker above and towards apex; front tibiæ with a postero-

lorsal row of rather long but fine, érect bristles; hind femora with

ongish, not sparse hairs below the basal half; bristles on hind

ibiæ small and numerous. Wings somewhat brownish tinged, veins

"'trong, dark brown; costa well beyond middle, costal divisions pro-

'»ortionately about as 11—10— 5, thus 1 and 2 nearly equal and

-ach double 3 ; fork longish, angle somewhat large ; costal cilia


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