Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


of the immigration of this mammal can be fixed within a very

limited space of time, viz. the interval between the Ancylus trans-

gression and the Litorina subsidence (probably the period between

7000 and 5000 B. C. according to De Geers chronology). This

supposition cannot, however, be taken as certain until further proofs

are furnished.

Among the flora the beech is undoubtedly a late immigrant;

paleontological facts prove that this tree reached Scandinavia during

the later part of the Litorina epoch. In Bornholm the beeches are

cultivated. It is interesting to state that this plant, which like the

animals discussed above (land-shells, etc.) can cross the sea only

by occasional accidents, has not immigrated to Bornholm, to Oland

or to Gottland.


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