Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Paraspiniphora maculata Meig.

1830. Meig. Syst. Beschr. VI, 214 (Phora).

1841. Leon Dufour, Soc. Se. Lille, 1841, 420, fig 6—17

{Phora helicivora).

1901. Becker, Abh. zool. bot. Gesell. Wien, L 26, Tab. I, Fig.

17 {Phora).

1911. Keilin, Bull. Se. Franee Belgique (7), 45, 57, PI. III,

fig. 30, 33, PI. IV, fig. 54 {Phora No. 1).

1917. Schmitz, Biol. Zentralbl. 37, 34, 40.

1918. Sehmitz, Jahrb. van het Natuurh. Genootsch. in Limburg,

1917, 93.

Paraspiniphora notata Zett.

1848. Zett. Dipt. Scand. VII, 2855 (Trineura).

1848. Zett. ibid. 2854 {Trinenra maculata).

?1848. Zett. ibid. 2856 {Trinenra pnnctipennis).

1906. Wood, Entom. Month. Mag. XVII, 262 {Phora maculata).

1911. Keilin, Bull. Se. Franee Belgique (7), 45, 60, PI. IV,

fig. 52 {Phora No. 2).

I have with a querry ineluded pnnctipennis Zett. under notata,

as the author says that the spot on the wing is distinct, what is

generally the ease in notata.

Of these two species only notata has hitherto been found in


2. P. Bergenstammi Mik and domestica Wood.

In 1864 Mik described a new species Phora Bergenstammi

(Verh. zool. bot. Gesell. Wien, XIV, 793), whieh Bergenstamm had

bred from Helix pomatia; Mik's description, though good for this

time, gives no special characters beyond statements of colour and

of the bristles on the tibiæ. In 1901 Becker redescribed the spec-

ies and stated, that it has four dorsocentral bristles, and that the

male palpi have very short bristles, being nearly nude. In 1906

Wood described a new species Phora domestica (Entom. Month.

Mag. XVII, 262, 265); of this species he knew only the male, and

he remarks, that it is very like Bergenstnmmi but has only two

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