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Videnskabelige meddelelser


know the real Bergenstammi with the four dorsocentral bristles

in the male, he made a failure in referring his species to Bergen-

stammi. Finally Schmitz, referring to Malloch, describes dome-

stica as Bergenstammi. We now come to the following synonymi

Paraspiniphora Bergenstammi Mik.

1864. Mik, Verh. zool. bot. Gesell. Wien, XIV, 793 (Phora).

1892. Strobl, Wien. ent. Zeitg. XI, 197 {Phora sphingicides

nec Bouché, teste Becker).

1901. Becker, Abh. zool. bot. Gesell. Wien, I, 25, Taf. I, Fig.

14—16 (Phora).

Paraspiniphora domestica Wood.

1906. Wood, Ent. Month. Mag. XVII, 262, 265 (Phora).

1906. Wood, ibid. 196 (Phora bergenstammi).

1910. Malloch, Ann. Scott. Nat. Hist. 1910, 20 (Spiniphora


1911. Keilin, Bull. Se. France Belgique (7), 45, 31, PI. 1, II,

(Phora Bergenstammi).

1917. Schmitz, Bio). Zentralbl. 37, 34, 40 (Paraspiniphora


1918. Schmitz, Jahrb. van het Natuurh. Genootsch. in Limburg,

1917, 92 (Paraspiniphora bergenstammi).

P. Bergenstammi is also recorded from America ;

it was first

enumerated by Brues (described by Aldrich) as Phora Comstocki

in Trans. Amer. Ent. Soc. XXIX, 1903, 346, fig. 12; only the male

was known, and it was stated to have four dorsocentral bristles.

In 1912 Malloch (Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus. 43, 426) unites it with

Bergenstammi, and this seems to be correct, but it is curious that

Malloch did so, as he had himself, as mentioned above, in 1910

declared Bergenstammi to have only two dorsocentral bristles in

the male ; perhaps he now considered the species to be variable

in this point, what is not the case, as we have seen. Brues in

his catalogue of 1914 (Bull. Wiscon. Nat. Hist. Soc. XII, 89) fol-

lowing Malloch has both Comstocki and domestica as synonyms

under Bergenstammi ,

rect, while domestica is a distinct species.

as seen this is for the former probably cor-



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