Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Of the mentioned two species only P. Bergenskinimi has hith-

erto been found in Denmark, while domestica is known from Eng-

land, Holland and France.

Change of names of tbree newly described species

of Åphiochaeta.

Through the kindness of Dr. H. Schmitz in Sittard my attention

has been drawn to the faet, that three of the names used in my

paper „New species of Åphiochaeta from Denmark" in this volume,

p. 1, are preoccupied; these names are the following: A. longiciliaia

1. c. 11, used by Strobl, Wien. Ent. Zeitg. XVIII, 1899, 148; I

alter the name of my species to perciliata: A. siihmanicata 1. c. 20,

used by Malloch, Ent. News XXV, 1914, 175; I alter the name

to manicatella ; finally A. fumipennis 1. c. 23, used twice, by Brues,

Ann. Mus. Nat. Hung. V, 1907, 407, and by Enderlein, Stett. Ent.

Zeitg. 1912, 37, the latter name altered to umhripennis by Brues,

Psyche XIX, 1912, 136; I give my species the name fumicolor.


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