Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser

Notes on the development and the larval forms

of some Scandinavian Echinoderms.



Dr. Th. Mortensen.

(With 8 text-figures.)


I. Ophiura affinis Ltk. (?).

II. Amphiura filiformis (O. F. Muller).

HI. Brissopsis lyrifera 'Forbes\

IV. Stichaster roseus (O. F. Muller) (?).

V. Antedon petasu.< Diiben & Koren\

VI. On the nervous system of Echinoderm larvæ.

During a stay at the Swedish Zoologicai Station at Kristineberg,

Fiskebåckskil, in August-September 1918 I had the opportunity of

making some observations on the development of some of the Echi-

noderms occurring there. A renewed visit to the said station from

the end of July till the middle of September this year (1919) enabled

me to continue these researches. My aim being to acquire a ful-

ler knowledge of the development of the Scandinavian Echinoderms,

and especially of the different larval forms, it will need continued

researches, which will evidently require visits to different piaces

on the Scandinavian coasts and thus occupy a rather long time.

I have therefore deemed it reasonable to publish this preliminary

notice of the results hitherto acquired.

I beg to tender my sincere thanks to the authorities of the

Swedish Zoological Station, Kristineberg: Professor Hj. Théel and

Dr. Hj. Os ter gren for the cordial hospitality offered me and for

their untiring efforts in satisfying my — I fear rather trouble-

some — needs of material for my researches.

The results were obtained partly by direct rearing of the larvæ

in question, partly through combinations of known facts, e. g. the

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