Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


I found this nervous system in all the typical Ophiurid larvæ

which occurred during the time of my visit to the station, viz.

besides the two figured, the larvæ of Ophiura albida, Amphiura

filiformis, Ophiothrix fragilis and the Ophiophiteus compressus.

Fig. 6 Larva of Ophiura textttrala. seeii from above.

Fig. 7. Larvn of Ophiocoma nigra, seen from above.

al antero-laleral arms; n. nervous band; oe. oesophagus; p.d. postero-dorsal arms;

p.l. postero-lateral arms; p.o. postoral arms; r. rectum st. stoniach :


v.l. vibratile lobe.

Further I have found it in a great number of different Ophiurid

larvæ in a preserved state, more or less distinctly. I have then

no doubt that this is a structure found in all typical

Ophiurid larvæ.

It is a very remarkable faet that, while a special larval nerv-

ous system is thus developed in both Holothurioid, Echinoid and

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