Videnskabelige meddelelser

Videnskabelige meddelelser


Ophiuroid larvæ, nothing corresponding has been observed in the

Asteroid larvæ. J.F. Gemmill in his memoir on the development

of Asterias råbens ^) records the existence of a sub-epidermal net-

work of nerve fibres and of a set of neuro-muscular cells (also

Fig. 8. Ophiuroid larva, witli the two nervous bands (n.)- Diagrammatic.

observed in the larva of Porania pulvillus). But anything corres-

ponding to the larval nervous system lying in the epidermis in

the circumoral region of Ophiurid and Holothurioid larvæ and —

at least — in the larva of Echinocyamus pusilhis among Echinoid

larvæ is unknown and would appear not to exist in Asteroid larvæ.

') James F. Gemmil. The development and certain points in the adult

structure of the Starfish Asterias rubens L. Philos. Transactions. Ser. B

Vol. 205. 1914. p. 264.


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