Hinsides teori og praksis


Hinsides teori og praksis

Pia Lauritzen: Beyond theory and practice. Terms of philosophy and leadership


The Dissertation consists of an Introduction with emphasis on the conditions of

philosophy in the 21 st century viewed in the light of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida, and

Vattimo and four main parts of Management Philosophy, Personal Leadership, Man-

agement and Employees, and Management and Organizations, respectively. The starting

premise for the Dissertation is that philosophy since Kant has lacked a foundation for its

insights and that this lack of foundation has consequences for the way philosophy is

being used in research within the humanities, social science, and sociology, including

management literature, which is considered an example.

In the Dissertation two different philosophical approaches are distinguished:

the theoretical, respectively the transcendental-historical. This distinction is used to

elucidate the current approach to management theory and practice (based on the

theoretical approach to philosophy), and to suggest an alternative (based on the

transcendental-historical approach to philosophy). The supporting argument of the

Dissertation is that current management theories are based on an outdated understanding

of philosophy that, since management philosophy provides the framework for manage-

ment theory which provides the framework for managing, is fatal to both managers and

organizations. By illustrating the premises for and the consequences of thinking and

practicing management as it is currently done, it is the ambition of the Dissertation to

think in between and across theories and disciplines. This is done by elucidating three

central topics in the thinking of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida and Vattimo – question,

language and time and place – in relation to management literature´s understanding of

and approach to the very same.

The Dissertation consists partly of philosophical analyses, partly of quotes, ex-

amples and methods from empirical studies conducted in 15 different companies.


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