Forekomst af "afvigende" isbjørne i Østgrønland - DCE - Nationalt ...

Forekomst af "afvigende" isbjørne i Østgrønland - DCE - Nationalt ...

Ittoqqortoormiit kommune



Between 25 May and 1 September 1999, 30 polar bear hunters were

interviewed in the town of Ittoqqortoormiit/Scoresbysund and the

nearby settlements of Uunartoq/Kap Tobin and Ittajimiit/Kap Hope.

Between 2 and 25 September of the same year, 22 hunters were interviewed

in the municipality of Ammassalik. Two anthropologists with

extensive experience from similar studies in East Greenland (cf. Sandell

& Sandell 1991, 1996) interviewed the hunters in Greenlandic and



Information was obtained concerning a total of about 1110 polar

bears shot between 1945 and 1999 (Ittoqqortoormiit: c. 887 bears,

1951-1999; Ammassalik: 213, 1945-1999). About 24% of the bear kills

reported by Ittoqqortoormiit hunters were taken after 1993 and about

82% of those killed by Ammassalik hunters were taken after 1980.

Hence, the description of the prevalence of anomalies in polar bears

and sledge dogs is based mainly on information from recent years.

The interviewed hunters in Ittoqqortoormiit were generally representative

of the hunters living in that area, but it is uncertain whether

those interviewed in Ammassalik were representative of the hunters

living there.

Aberrant polar bears

Thirteen anomalous polar bears were reported among the 1110 bear

kills that were accounted for during the interviews.

Ittoqqortoormiit kommune :

(1) The most striking record was from 10 June 1999 when an adult female

bear, with clear signs of pseudohermaphroditism, was killed near

Uunartoq/Kap Tobin (Ittoqqortoormiit municipality). This female

had an enlarged clitoris, while the internal sexual organs apparently

were normal (Fig. 5).

(2) A large, old female with 6 nipples was killed ”many years ago” in

the vicinity of Clavering Ø.

(3) A 4-year-old male with a collapsed lung was shot in the northern

part of Liverpool Land less than 10 years ago.

(4) A polar bear (age and sex not provided) with 6 claws was shot

near Pukkitsukajik/Manby Halvø around 1989.

(5) A similar case had previously been observed (information vague).

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