Medlemsblad - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

Medlemsblad - The Danish Club in Brisbane, Australia

Den Danske Forening


December 2010

Jul i Lyngby 2009

photo: Steen Trolle, Lokalavisen


Newsletter for the Danish Association ‘Heimdal’ – Established 1872



Contact details: 0437 612 913


We would love to share your news. You are

welcome to send emails and other material to

the editor for publication. The closing date for

the January/February issue is 10 January 2011.

We will endeavour to publish all material

submitted but reserve the right to edit or not

publish your contribution. Any material

published does not necessarily reflect the

opinion of the Danish Club or the Editor.

From the Editor

It was wonderful to see how adults and

children worked hard at the ‘julestue’ last

Sunday to make a new skirt for our old

Christmas tree as well as heaps of

decorations. Saw some great ideas and

beautiful stars and ballerinas. There were

tastings of finskbrød and vaniljekranse for all

and then Kupaleja came along and it

turned into an even more enjoyable

afternoon. Christmas is just around the

corner and Santa is already getting ready

to set the reindeer GPS to Austin Street with

a sleigh full of presents. December is a

busy time of the year for everyone, but

make sure you catch the Christmas

procession at South Bank, the camels are

awesome! There are also Christmas

markets in many neighbourhoods – give

some weird and wacky Christmas presents

this year!




Editor: Lone Schmidt

Phone: 07 3359 2026


Webmaster: Aage Christoffersen

Phone: 07 3204 5761

Skype: lydatronic




Henning Klinke, Morningside

Kristine & Ole Darre Christrup,

Upper Kedron

Anna & Thomas Weinlick,

Brisbane City

Kirsten & Glyn Wyeth, Wilston

Waiting for inspiration? Julestuen Sunday

photo: Alan Pryzbylak

What’s on at the Danish Club?

Café Danmark and 26 November 2010

Christmas markets from 6 pm

Come in and try our tasty ‘smørrebrød’: the menu varies from time to time, but you’ll

often find ‘rullepølse’ (spicy rolled pork), smoked salmon, roast beef, pate, roast pork

and ‘Esrom’ cheese. And yummy hot dogs. The bar is stocked with genuine Tuborg

and Carlsberg beer brewed in Denmark as well as your favourite Australian beers. If

you prefer a glass of wine with your food, we have a good variety of whites and reds

on offer.

It’s also an opportunity to buy delicious Danish pastries, ryebread and other specialty

breads and organic biscuits direct from Britt’s Danish Delights. Tea is back with

smallgoods and quality meats from Flemming, the Danish butcher at Woolloongabba,

as well as her own goodies including remoulade and ‘hønsesalat’. It’s a good idea to

order in advance and pick up at the café.

Christmas party 11 December 2010

2 – 5 pm

Enjoy gløgg and æbleskiver and dance around the Christmas tree before Santa Oz

turns up all the way from the North Pole with presents for all the kids - check the

newsletter for booking details and price. ‘KUPALEJA’ will provide entertainment and

get us all into the Christmas spirit.


Bettina Schelker in concert 7 January 2011

Doors open at 6 pm

See inside the newsletter for more details.

Fastelavnsfest 12 February 2011

1 – 4 pm

Folkies Old & New 20 February 2011

Café Danmark 25 February 2011

from 6 pm

Legestue Every Friday and 1 st Sunday

Kids’ Play Group from 9.30-11.30 am

See contact details in the newsletter or on Facebook – give your children an

opportunity to speak Danish and play with other children in their age group. And you

can catch up with the young Danes in Brisbane.

Need any snaps or other Danish or Nordic classics for Christmas? We can

help you!

Price list 2010


Gammel Dansk 100 cl $ 60

1- Enkelt Bitter 70 cl $ 50


Jubilæum 100 cl $ 65

Jubilæum 70 cl $ 55

Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 100 cl $ 65

Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 70 cl $ 50

Taffel (Rød Aalborg) 50 cl (PET bottle) $ 35

Aalborg Porse 70 cl $ 50

Aalborg Export 70 cl $ 50

Aalborg Brøndum snaps 100 cl $ 65

Linieakvavit 70 cl $ 60

O P Anderson 1000 ml $ 60

Skåne Aquavit 100 cl (new item) $ 60

Cherry Heering Liqueur 70 cl (new item) $ 45

Kirsberry Cherry Liqueur 70 cl (new item) $ 17

Danska Vodka 100 cl (new item) $ 60

Carlshamn Flagg Punsch 50 cl (new item) $ 30

Blossa Gløgg 75 cl (new item) $ 20

How to order and pay:

By email

By phone 0437 612 913 or 3359 2026

Payment by EFT to Heimdal’s account at Suncorp

BSB 484-799 Account 02495 1468

Payment by cheque issued to Heimdal and mailed to treasurer:

Lone Schmidt, 24 Ashley Road, Chermside West QLD 4032

Årets Snapsevise ’09 digtet af Asger Berg

(Melodi: Sur sur sur lille bi omkring)

Tre – to – en!

Først det højre ben.

Drik en snaps i ro og orden.

Ned til højrebenet går den.

Tre – to – en!

Snaps til højre ben.


Tre – to – en!

Så det venstre ben.

Det skal også ha’ en chance.

Så er kroppen i balance.

Tre – to – en!

Snaps til venstre ben.

C h r i s t m a s P a r t y

Saturday 11 December 2010 2 – 5 pm

Santa dances around the Christmas tree at the 2008 Christmas party

The Christmas tree at the Danish club was decorated by young and old at Sunday’s

‘julestue’ and is now ready to be admired, the elves are busy making Christmas presents

and Santa is preparing for his visit downunder .

We invite members, friends and their children and grandchildren to celebrate Christmas

together with ‘KUPALEJA’ who will entertain us with traditional Danish Christmas songs.

There’ll be gløgg and æbleskiver on the menu and Santa Oz will make an appearance

with presents for all the children. Make sure that Santa knows you’re coming by booking

a ticket @$12 for each child by Tuesday 7 December 2010. Send an email to or ring Lone on 3359 2026 or 0437 612 913 with their

names and age (Santa wants to know).

Payment by EFT to Suncorp BSB 484-799 Account 02495 1468

Payment details: Name and membership number

Or send a cheque made out to ‘Heimdal’ to the treasurer:

Lone Schmidt

24 Ashley Road

Chermside West QLD 4032

Get all your Danish Baked Goodies from Britt’s Bakery at Café DANMARK

4th Friday of each month

Authentic Danish Pastry & Organic Bread Products

Kringler, Smørtærter, Kanelstænger, Birkes, Rundstykker, Fuldkornsrugbrød,

Kransekagekonfekt, Småkager, Knækbrød og bagerens dårlige øje.

For information, order forms and delivery details, go to our website:

Unit 5/10 Energy Crescent, Molendinar QLD 4214 Ph: 07 5571 6881 Fax: 07 5571 6947


For those of you who missed it …


The Moose Shoot was a great day for those intrepid ‘hunters’ who turned out to have a morning of

competitive target shooting. Specially made ‘moose’ targets and some clay target shotgun shooting

were the order of the day. The group split into two sections and alternated on the shotgun and rifle

ranges. The competitors ranged from 11-years-old young folk to ‘senior’ members. Team colours were

easy to spot, with an assortment of Danish and Swedish shirts, caps and other hunting apparel. Alan

impressed everyone with Dannebrog flying proudly on his sections’ rotation.

Last year proved that there were some shooters who were either naturally adept, or had remembered

their previous shooting experiences in National Service training. This year the rifle shooting allowed a

sitting position, but no rifle rest like last year. This had the desired effect of spreading scores a bit

more than last year while still allowing safe and enjoyable participation by everyone. Top score of 97

tied between male and female Swedish shooters was followed by a score of 93 and 90 from two of the

Danish team. However, in the shotgun, the women reigned supreme. A Swedish female also won the

prize for the lowest score of the day. It was a fair match, with the top shooters identified and

rewarded. A scaled team score that accounted for differing team sizes might have been possible and

may be a suggestion for next year so all shooters’ scores can count.

Regardless of gender, age or score, the shooting was reported by all as an enjoyable event. This was

followed by most of us (some having other demands on their time – Amanda and her boys sure have a

busy schedule) enjoying the hospitality of the Swedes-Down-Under with a traditional hunters’ meal of

pea and ham soup. This was nicely prepared with a mix of spices and stock that had some of us asking

for the recipe. The main meal was accompanied by a range of fruit, cheeses and drinks. The specially

prepared sweet ‘punsch’, which could be called ‘punch’, given its vodka base, and a range of other

drinks were also enjoyed. This was accompanied by some convivial story-telling and good-natured

socialising while scores were tallied and medals presented. Once we had eaten, everyone was too full

of food to consider a friendly football match on the grassy parkland. Just as well, too, as a ball or two

might have floated off in the very full creek. Nonetheless, there were sufficient people to ensure

responsible driving home (or to work, in Kurt’s case) after the event.

A few of us have decided we definitely need to get a bit more practice in for the 2011 shooting season

event so that we can give the Swedes a harder run for their prizes, and otherwise just enjoy the

exercise. The SSAA Tuesday and Thursday evening metallic silhouette evenings may see a few more

participants at times. This event aims to drop a series of surprisingly difficult to hit metal targets.

Shotgunners may be enjoying Friday practice and monthly Saturday Farm shotgun sessions. The skill

of hitting clay plates flying at around 50km/hr with some small pellets that never seem to spread quite

far enough for a near miss to actually still hit the target does take some practice.

See you for next year’s ‘hunt’. We will see if we can coordinate a practice session or two for team folk,

since some folk seem keen to try a bit more of this sport.

Photo and report by Kim Tvede



Julen var oprindelig en midvinterfest, som den kristne kirke overtog og

ændrede til en fest for Jesu fødsel. Den oldnordiske jul blev fejret i januar og

den sydlandske fest for sol invictus, dvs. den uovervundne sol(gud), faldt den

25.december, hvorfor den kristne jul blev lagt samtidig.

Efter tysk og nordisk skik begynder festen aftenen før selve helligdagen. I

virkeligheden var der tale om en vågenat (vigilie) fra katolicismens dage,

hvor man sammen ventede på, at det skulle blive midnat, hvorefter man

havde messe på tidspunktet for Jesu fødsel.

De første julefester i Norden

Det ældste kendte vidnesbyrd om julefester i Norden er fra cirka år 900. Her nævnes den norske

konge Harald Hårfager og dennes søn Hakon den Gode (Norges første kristne konge) i forbindelse

med julen. Hakon den Gode er i forbindelse med julen kendt som kongen, der påbød

nordmændene, at de skulle "holde jul på samme tid som kristne mænd" (heri ligger antydningen

af, at den førkristne nordiske jul tidligere lå på et andet tidspunkt). Den oldnordiske julefests

karakter fremgår af udtrykket "at drikke jul".

Gennem århundreder har den kirkelige "juleopfattelse" kæmpet mod den verdslige eller folkelige

opfattelse. Moderne tanker har præget julens udvikling gennem tid, således at mange skikke

løbende er blevet en del af julen.

Derfor hedder det jul

Lige siden kristendommen blev indført i Danmark for over 1000 år siden af Harald Blåtand, har

kirken prøvet at få danskerne til at kalde den kristne jul for kristmesse, men uden held. Vi

nordboere holdt fast ved den hedenske Jul, Yule eller Géol. Men angel-sakserne på de britiske

øer var mere føjelige. De adopterede ordet kristmesse, og det har holdt sig siden i ordet

Christmas. Men især i den østlige del af Storbritannien ved man stadig godt, hvad Yuletide



Kære Heimdal!

Tak for en rigtig hyggelig aften i klubben.

Da efteråret meldte sin ankomst i Danmark i begyndelsen af oktober måned, tog

Erik og jeg afsted til Australien via Tokyo for bl.a. at besøge Søren og Lone i

Brisbane. Det er første, men forhåbentlig ikke sidste gang, vi er i Australien.

Queensland er begunstiget med en fantastisk og meget varieret natur, og vi har

oplevet Australiens 3 klimabælter fra Daintree Forest i nord til Kangaroo Island i

Southern Ocean.

Vi nyder meget udelivet i naturen, men har også haft fornøjelsen af at møde nogle

af de ”indfødte”, bl.a. i den danske klub Heimdal i Brisbane.

Vi var så heldige at være i Brisbane den 4. fredag i oktober måned, hvor vi for en

dag blev en del af ”driften” af klubben i forbindelse med månedens ”Cafe

Heimdal”, idet vi deltog i forberedelserne til caféen: Indkøb, madlavning og

smøring af ca. 300 stk. smørrebrød sammen med Lone, Søren, Birte, Michael, Chloe

og Emma.

Det var en fornøjelse at se den entusiasme og arbejdsindsats, der lægges for dagen,

før dørene åbnes for salg af velsmurt smørrebrød, hotte dogs, diverse drikkevarer,

kaffe og lunt wienerbrød. I var nogle gode kunder i ”butikken”. Der blev spist op.

Det var dejligt at se jeres glæde ved at mødes med andre danskere og få en

hyggelig aften med god mad og mulighed for indkøb af diverse varer fra jeres flotte

boder (en del med smagen af Danmark fra bager og slagter men også flot kreativt


Og så var det imponerende at høre, hvor godt I kan tale dansk selv efter så mange

år i Australien. Vi fik en snak med bl.a. Alan, Poul, Gudrun, Kim og Vivian. Det

var meget interessant at høre dem fortælle deres historie fra dengang de ”landede”

i Australien med skib fra Danmark via Genova.

Der er sikkert mange af jer, der har andre gode historier at fortælle. Vi vil i hvert

fald holde os orienteret gennem bladet på nettet for at se, om der skulle dukke flere

historier frem af skufferne…..

Vi ville gerne have deltaget i jeres julefrokost den 13. november, men næste stop for

os er New Zealand og derefter hjem til jul i Danmark. Turen herned syntes på

forhånd meget lang, men nu hvor vi har prøvet den, vil vi ikke udelukke at

gentage successen.

Så – måske på gensyn i Heimdal – og tak for en hyggelig aften sammen med jer.

God jul og mange hilsner fra

Erik (Sørens svoger) og Sys (Sørens søster)

Dannebrog. 900mmX1500mm

Also Norway & Sweden

Many others.

$25 post paid.

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates. Now in stock with more to come. $150 posted

2009 Christmas in Amagertorv. 2010 Christmas in Greenland $140 in shop. Mail orders welcome Jeff Close & Bente Moller

Rhonda’s Refits, Cnr Bridge & Hume Sts, Toowoomba Qld 4350. Tel/Fax 07 46 3 789 33

Danish Church in Brisbane

Christmas service (julegudstjeneste) on

Saturday 18 December 2010 from 2 – 4

pm. Everybody is welcome.

Markets at old Myer at Coorporoo

A new fresh food market has just

opened at the old Myer building at

Coorporoo with lots of exciting stalls –

including our very own butcher. Open

Thursday to Sunday, check for special

Christmas opening hours.

Puff Dumpling Pan


You know you’ll need it for Christmas!

From Scanpan, square with 9 holes,

available for $103 (ring Lone Schmidt

on 0437 612 913). Hurry if you want it

in time for advent or Christmas

activities. Delivery time: approx 1


Hanne’s Christmas store

Hanne’s on-line Christmas store is now

open. See her hand-made Christmas

decorations, and order now for delivery

before Christmas. Visit Hanne’s web

site at - her email

adress is


If you having trouble finding SBS on the

old trannie, remember that you can

also listen to SBS on your digital TV.


25/12 Gudrun & Poul Tvede

celebrate their 60 th wedding


5/1 Frank Nissen-Wiis turns 90

Pickled Herring

Another important item for Christmas

lunch is pickled herring. Check with the

Scandinavian Bakery at 9/3-15 Dennis

Road, Springwood QLD 4127 (07) 3208

1067 to find out what they have in


Christmas Markets

will be on at the November cafe. Tove

is back with her lovely flowers and

some of our busy stallholders will even

be back for the Christmas Party on 11

December. Great opportunity to get

some new Christmas decorations.

Study & Stay in Australia?

Your door to the best in Australian Education & Training….

We are Danes, with a strong background in both Danish and Australian education & training.

Though we work with people from any country, we run some especially exciting programs

between Denmark and Australia, including:

Guiding would-be migrants to courses for recognition in 60-Point occupations

Assisting students enter the very best course, school/college/university for their needs

Study Tours – customised to meet the particular needs of the Danish


Semester Study Abroad – individuals or classes come to undertake one semester of

study, and get credit back into their secondary school/undergraduate programs in


Placing students into workplaces in Australia for Occupational Training, which is part

of their studies in Denmark

Consulting services for Danish institutions wishing to establish links with Australian


We’d be delighted to assist you in any of these areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Riborg Andersen Ph: 07-5442 9588

Joern Christoffersen Ph. 07-5473 9917

Personale til

Cafe Amadeus.

Er du bosat i Brisbane?

Eller er du her i 6 måneder

plus? Så har vi et job til dig.

Ring og spørg efter Ingeborg


Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

"The home of great coffee"

0432 406 601

Membership Number:

The Danish Association Heimdal Inc.

Est 1872

36 Austin Street, Newstead QLD 4006 Phone 0437 612 913

Celebrating and fostering the Danish language, culture and traditions


1 July 2010 - 30 June 2011


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Please send the newsletter via e-mail


Ordinary*) Member/Family $60.00 Associate Member/Family $60.00

Ordinary*) Member/Single $40.00 Associate Member/Single $40.00

Cheque or money order Paid by EFT $


Signature Date / /

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*) Ordinary member: Danish born/descendant of a person whose father, mother, grandfather or grandmother was born in

Denmark or was a Danish citizen at the time of that person's birth

The membership fee may be paid by EFT to Heimdal’s account with Suncorp BSB NO:

484-799 Account No: 02495 1468 using your membership number and name as

reference. Please send the form to Birte Schmidt if there are any changes in your


If paying by cheque, please make it payable to “The Danish Association Heimdal” and

post it to the Membership officer:

Birte Schmidt

35/192 Hargreaves Road


Phone 07 3348 4979


All about names! It’s interesting to hear many old names in use again, including

Bastian, Conrad, Emil, Lucas and Valdemar and Asta, Caroline, Emil, Freja og Lærke,

but they haven’t flowed through to the Top 20 lists of names according to Danmarks


Nr. Navn Antal

1 Jens 52177

2 Peter 50897

3 Lars 46657

4 Michael 45790

5 Henrik 43617

6 Søren 43059

7 Thomas 42279

8 Niels 41386

9 Jan 40043

10 Jørgen 39853

11 Hans 39820

12 Martin 37327

13 Christian 37145

14 Anders 35149

15 Ole 35045

16 Morten 34576

17 Jesper 34410

18 Erik 34327

19 Per 34272

20 Kim 30212


Nr. Navn Antal

1 Anne 47936

2 Kirsten 46512

3 Hanne 41135

4 Mette 39418

5 Anna 36664

6 Helle 34856

7 Susanne 32165

8 Lene 31798

9 Karen 29554

10 Inge 29056

11 Marianne 27867

12 Maria 27764

13 Lone 26166

14 Bente 26135

15 Inger 26018

16 Pia 24727

17 Camilla 24638

18 Else 24595

19 Jette 24449

20 Charlotte 23967

1. januar 2010 – kilde: Danmarks Statistik


Nr. Navn Antal

1 Jensen 275113

2 Nielsen 272804

3 Hansen 228503

4 Pedersen 171768

5 Andersen 164783

6 Christensen 124119

7 Larsen 121598

8 Sørensen 116267

9 Rasmussen 98527

10 Jørgensen 92275

11 Petersen 84235

12 Madsen 66576

13 Kristensen 62218

14 Olsen 50471

15 Thomsen 39773

16 Christiansen 38246

17 Poulsen 32928

18 Johansen 32040

19 Møller 30512

20 Knudsen 30457

Dansk legegruppe

Hver fredag 9.30-11.30

36 Austin St, Newstead

1. søndag i måneden 10-12

(find os på Facebook)

Vi mødes hver fredag og den 1.

søndag i måneden for at snakke og

lege sammen på dansk. Da vores lille

faste gruppe svinger lidt i deltagere pga

ferier, oftest til Danmark og arbejde

mv, vil vi meget gerne se flere

medlemmer. Vi tror trods alt det

gavner børnene at mødes og lege samt

høre, at vi alle taler dansk.

Vi starter normalt med fri leg og ca kl

11 sidder vi alle omkring et bord og


vores medbragte mad – og slutter

gerne dagen med nogle danske


Med venlig hilsen

Tea, Charlotte, Tina

Charlotte Tea

3901 0495 3379 1667

0405 730 252 0419 659 837




3191 0411

0403 838 663


Special Ticket offer for Roby Lakatos & Ensemble at QPAC

Mixing classical and jazz idioms with the magic of the

Hungarian-gypsy vitality, violinist Roby Lakatos is a

global phenomenon whose mastery and musicianship

has earned him the title, 'The Devil's Fiddler'.

First seen in Brisbane at the 2000 Brisbane Festival 10

years ago, Lakatos is once again joined by his

breathtaking five piece ensemble. Blending the fiery

rhythms of their gypsy roots with classical technique

and jazz improvisation, Lakatos and his ensemble aims

to stir up the wandering spirit.

When 18 December 2010

Where QPAC Concert Hall

Bookings or phone box office 136 246

To take advantage of this special offer and purchase A-Reserve tickets to Roby

Lakatos and pay the concession price of only $69 - a saving of $10 per ticket, use

the link above and enter the word ‘fiery’ or quote when purchasing through box


Who or what is Heimdal?

Heimdall eller Hejmdal (norrønt: Heimdallr) er en af de mest gådefulde guder i den

nordiske mytologi. Han har en fantastisk hørelse, og optræder af den grund i myterne

som gudernes vagtmand, der sidder ved foden af Bifrost og overvåger, at ingen jætter

sniger sig ind i Asgård. Ved Ragnarok blæser han i Gjallarhornet, når jætterne angriber,

så resten af guderne og einherjerne kan forberede sig til kampen. I det sidste slag skal

han kæmpe mod Loke, det vil ende med, at de dræber hinanden. Heimdall vil være

den sidste af guderne, der dør i Ragnarok.

Han blev født i urtiden ved verdens rand af ni jættesøstre, som måske repræsenterer

havets bølger.

Der er blevet fremsat flere teorier om hans funktion og oprindelse, fx kan han have været

en gammel sol- eller månegud, en personifikation af verdensaksen, menneskets

stamfader, eller ligefrem hersker over den kommende verden, som skal stige op efter

Ragnarok. Der er også blevet påvist paralleller i andre mytologier, fx hos den samiske

verdensgud Varalden Olmay og i keltisk-irsk folklore og mytologi. Den norske

religionsforsker Gro Steinsland har ligefrem foreslået at Heimdall kan være resultatet af en

sammensmeltning af forskellige traditioner.

Der findes ingen levn, hverken i de skriftlige kilder eller i det arkæologiske og topografiske

materiale, der peger på en eventuel religiøs dyrkelse af Heimdall i vikingetiden. Det kan

enten betyde, at han er en meget gammel guddom, der havde mistet sin betydning,

eller også, at han aldrig havde været genstand for en kult.


Den lille havfrue er tilbage i sine vante

omgivelser på Langelinie efter sit eventyr

i Kina.

Ideen om at bruge skulpturen til at skabe

opmærksomhed omkring den danske

pavillon på verdensudstillingen blev mødt

med mange protester. Ambitionen var at

tiltrække 3 millioner gæster til den

danske pavillon tegnet af arkitektfirmaet

Bjarke Ingels Group. I den sidste ende

kom der 5,6 millioner mennesker på

besøg, mange lokket af Den lille havfrue,

som var kendt af mange kinesere. H.C.

Andersens eventyr er nemlig højt elskede i Kina.

Normalt vil Den lille havfrue i løbet af et år på Langelinie blive set af cirka en million turister,

anslår turistorganisationen Wonderful Copenhagen.

Slikblandinger Fem unger i alderen 14-16 år testede forleden 10 forskellige slikblandinger

og det var en klar sejr til Haribo med Matadormix og Clickmix i spidsen. På tredjepladsen

følger Malacos FamilieGuf. Men sejrer slikket i smagstesten, fordi det i forvejen er velkendt

og populært? Eller er det mest eftertragtet, fordi det smager godt?

Hos slikdommerne er der ingen tvivl at spore: Vinderslikket er flottere. Det dufter og smager

dejligere, og blandingsforholdet er bedre end i de øvrige slikposer i testen. Netop

blandingsforholdet gør Haribo meget ud af: »Poser med stor blandingsvariation hitter. Der må

gerne være både vingummi, lakrids, skum og dragé i poserne. Og så elsker danskerne

lakrids, så lakridsen spiller en stor rolle i blandingerne. Vi ser tydeligt, at markedet for slik

med lakrids vokser«, fortæller direktør Per Henerius fra Haribo. Ifølge flere af dommerne i

sliktesten kan fabrikanterne endda godt skrue yderligere op for lakridserne og så holde lidt

igen med skumslik og vingummier i blandingerne. Og lakridserne skal ikke være for neutrale i


Folkepension To ud af tre danskere tror, at folkepensionen om 20 år kommer til at afhænge

af, hvor mange penge, man har på kistebunden i forvejen. Det viser en undersøgelse fra TNS

Gallup udført for Ugebrevet A4. I dag har alle danskere på 65 år og derover krav på at få

65.376 kroner om året i folkepension, men spørger man danskerne, bliver det altså ikke ved

med at være sådan. Og det er rimeligt nok, mener seks ud af ti.

Både Socialdemokraterne og de konservative afviser dog den udvikling. »Vi vil gerne bevare

folks incitament til at spare op til alderdommen, og derfor har vi slet ingen planer om at

formueregulere folkepensionen«, siger den konservative socialminister, Benedikte Kiær til A4.

Socialdemokraternes socialordfører, Mette Frederiksen, vil heller ikke røre folkepensionen. »Vi

vil fastholde, at når alle skal bidrage til folkepensionen, så skal alle også have glæde af den«.

Politikerne har indgået forlig om, at folkepensionsalderen forhøjes, så den i 2027 er 67 år

mod 65 år i dag. Det er dog kun en tredjedel af danskerne, som tror, at pensionsalderen er

67 år om 20 år i 2030. Hele 35 procent forudser, at folkepensionsalderen er 70 år eller

derover om 20 år. kilde:

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