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Side 16-35 PDF - Out & About

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks


4th October

Rainbowfestival in Malmö

This must be one of the worlds

latest prides if you consider the

ever shifting Nordic climate.

But don’t let this hold you

back from participating in the

Swedish city Malmö’s very own

pride “Regnbågsfestivalen”

taking place in the beginning of

this month. All it takes is a little

more than half an hours ride

across the bridge and it’s party

time with the Swedes!

The parade takes place the

4th of October but in the week

before a lot of things for both

gays and lesbians take place all

over the city. The grand fi nal

party is held Saturday night

after the parade. For more info

type into or

ask at the tourist offi ce at the

Malmö’s central station.

10th October

The Night of Culture

One of the most popular

traditions in Copenhagen is the

annual “Kulturnat”. All Friday

night the 10th of October shops,

museums and other cultural

institutions have long opening

hours with special events taking

place all over the city and a

packed program of something

for everybody. Among the

more gay specifi c events, visit

Heaven bar which has special

arrangement all night, or the

National Association for Gays

and Lesbians LBL which has

open house-arrangement with

tours all night.

17th-26th October

The Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian

Film Festival

Together with the Mermaid

Pride in August the Copenhagen

Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

is one of the largest events for

gays and lesbians in Denmark.

With homosexually themed

short fi lms, feature fi lms and

documentaries from all over the

world Copenhagen’s oldest fi lm

festival takes place from the

middle of October. The program

is already out from the beginning

of the month and there is a

run for the tickets so be sure to

book your tickets in good time.

In the recent year the festival

despite its name has also had

showings in Århus, Malmö and

Ålborg. In Copenhagen the

festival takes place mainly at

the Film House’s “Cinematek”

on Gothersgade but there will

also be showings in other of

the city’s many movie theatres.

The Israeli fi lm “Yossi&Jagger” is just one of many

movies shown at the Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian

Film Festival.

Look for the program at bars

and cafés or visit

for more details.

Every Tuesday

Gay Day at Studenterhuset

Every Tuesday from approx.

19.00 to midnight

There’s no need to sit at home

or at the hotel room on a Tuesday

night. The gays and lesbians

students of Copenhagen BLUS

take over the Student’s House

(Studenterhuset) near “Rundetårn”

at every Tuesday night.

Here it’s possible to enjoy a

beer and talk with friends while

music in the gay classics genre

makes out the sound backdrop.

All the bartenders work for free

so tip them well. Oh, and be

sure to make this mental note :

the 1st of November the annual

autumn party takes place same

place. Don’t miss it!

Gay Day, Købmagergade,

form approx. 19-24.

Gay Guide to Copenhagen

Out Guide

Out & About Codes:

B: Bar

C: Café

D: Dance Club

d: Dance Bar

G: Many gay men

g: Some gay men

L: Many lesbians

l: Some lesbians

M: Men only

R: Restaurant / full meals

S: Many straight people

s: Some straight people

XC: Sex club

XS: Sex shop

Bar, Café and Restaurants:

Can Can B, G

Daily 14-02, Fri-Sat 14-05

Mikkel Bryggers Gade 11

Phone: 33 11 50 10

Small and friendly bar. Easy

to get in touch with the other

guests at the bar.

Centralhjørnet B, G

Daily 12-02

Kattesundet 18

Phone: 33 11 85 49

Copenhagen’s oldest gay bar

with a friendly clientele and a

nice and service-minded staff.

Cosy Bar B, d, G, l, s

Sun-Thu 22-06, Fri-Sat 22-08

or even later

Studiestræde 24

Phone: 33 12 74 27

Very popular dance bar. Often

packed with naughty guys enjoying

the cruisy atmosphere.

Heaven B, C, G, l, R, s

Daily 12-05 (02)

Kitchen 12-23 (22)

Kompagnistræde 18

Phone: 33 15 19 00

Bar, Café and Restaurant all in

one venue. Crowded almost all

around the clock.

Café Intime B, C, G, l, s

Daily 16-02

Allégade 25, Frederiksberg

Phone : 38 34 19 58

A small pianobar with a mixed

clientele and an almost homely

atmosphere. Just fi ve minutes

away from downtown Copenhagen

with the metro.

Jailhouse Cph. B, C, G, l, R, s

Mon-Thu 11-02, Fri-Sat 11-05,

Sun 18-02. Restaurant Thu-

Sat18-24 (Kitchen close at 23)

Studiestræde 12

Phone: 33 15 22 55

Theme-café-event bar-restaurant.

Cosy and friendly atmosphere,

crowded in the week-end

Waiters in uniform.

Masken B, G, L, s

Mon-Thu 16-02, Fri 16-05,

Sat 15-05, Sun 15-02

Studiestræde 33

Phone: 33 91 09 37

Popular among young as well as

middle-aged people.

Men’s Bar B, G, M

Daily 15-02

Teglgårdstræde 3

Phone:33 12 73 03

Popular among gays wearing

leather, jeans or uniform. Some

cute streetboys hang out here

as well.


Oscar Bar Café B, C, G, l, r, s

Daily 12-02. Kitchen 12-22

Rådhuspladsen 77 (cnr. Farvergade)

Phone: 33 12 09 99

Modern warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Huge bar and comfy

arm chairs. Soul & house music,

DJ on Thursdays and Fridays.

Dance Clubs:

Caviar D, G, L

Friday 23-05

Lille Kongensgade 16

Phone: 26 81 81 00

Copenhagens exclusive “non

straight” danceclub. Keywords:

spectacular atmosphere, glamorous

surroundings, favourable

prices and great service.

Madame Arthur B, D, G, l, s

Vester Farimagsgade 3

Only Drag Scene in Copenhagen

with shows on a weekly


PAN Gay Club B, D, G, l, s

Karaoke Bar:

Thu 21-05 Fri/Sat 22-05.

Disco: Thu/Fri/Sat 22-05

Knabrostræde 3

Phone: 33 11 37 84

PAN is the gay ”warehouse of

clubbing”, 5 levels, 2 dance

areas, 7 bars and an open yard

in the summertime.


Army-Store g

Mon-Thu 10-18, Fri 10-20,

Sat 10-15

Rådhusstræde 11,

Phone/Fax: 33 33 71 70


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