Side 16-35 PDF - Out & About

Side 16-35 PDF - Out & About


Amigo Sauna G, M, XC, XS

Sun-Thu 12-07, Fri-Sat 12-08

Studiestræde 31

750 square meters on three

fl oors make this sauna the biggest

sex club in Copenhagen.

Sex Clubs and Sex Shops:

Body Bio G, s, XC

Daily 12-01

Kingosgade 7

Friendly and intimate, at this

place a lot of cruising and

sexual activities take place.

Cph. Gay Center G, M, XC, XS

Daily 10-05

Istedgade 34-36

Shop and sauna with four small

cinemas and one tv-lounge.

Finnish sauna.

EP-video g, s, XS

Mon-Sat 11-19

Kattesundet 10

Phone: 33 11 64 06

Porn shop. Big selection in gay

porn movies on VHS and DVD.

Loke G, M, XC

Mon-Fri 18-01, Sun 15-01

Viktoriagade 7

A sex club for gay men. three

video rooms, one with big

scree. Has a “Dark zone” with

mazes and cabins.

Looky Looky G, s, XC, XS

Daily 12-01/02

Randersgade 49

Nice and clean sex club with

a mix of gay and bisexual


Men’s Shop G, M, XC, XS

Daily 10-02

Viktoriagade 24

Phone: 33 25 44 75

Copenhagen’s largest porno

shop for gay men with gay porn

movies, magazines, books, sex

toys, leather/rubber gear.


(Scandinavian Leather Men)

Friday 22-04, doors close at 2

Studiestræde 14 A

Phone: 33 32 06 02

If you want a look inside you

must become a member of the

club or be in possession of an

ECMC member card.


Carsten’s Guest House G, l

Christians Brygge 28, 5 th fl oor

Phone: 33 14 91 07/40 50 91 07

Trendy and easygoing atmosphere

among the often quite

handsome guests.

Hotel Windsor G, l

Frederiksborggade 30

Phone: 33 11 08 30

This is the only real gay hotel

in Copenhagen. It is gay-owned

and gay-operated.



Daily 09-23 Phone: 33 91 11 19

Anonymous counselling in

Danish or English.


Phone: 33 32 58 68

The main organization for hivinfected

people in Denmark.

Kafe Knud

Wed-Fri 14-22

Skindergade 21

Phone: 33 32 58 61

Kafe Knud is a café for

people infected or in other

ways affected by hiv and aids.

Hot meals is served at very

reasonable prices.


Gay Men’s Hiv-organization

Mon-Fri 10-16

Amagetorv 44, 4th fl oor

Phone: 33 11 29 11

STOP AIDS is working to

prevent further spreading of hiv

among gay men in Denmark.

Other organizations:

Copenhagen Gay Life (CGL)

The branch organisation for gay

and gay-friendly businesses and

organisations in Copenhagen.

Danish Mermaid Pride

Copenhagen gay pride organising

team taking care of organising

the traditional gay pride

parade taking place each year in


Cruising and sexual action:

The main cruising place is

Ørstedsparken, very centrally

located between Nørre Voldgade

and Nørre Farimagsgade.

Especially during the summer,

a lot of activities are happening

in Ørstedsparken. During day

time, the cruising is primarily

around the public toilets. In the

evening, the night and the early

morning the cruising may occur

all over the park.

Especially around the trees at

both sides of the bridge in the

middle of the park.

Be safe and bring your own

condoms and lube in advance.

Out Agenda



October 2003

Every Thursday at 22

Thursday lounge at Oscar bar

café. A musical journey from

Paris to Rio, DJ Boycut.

Every Friday at 22

Friday lounge at Oscar bar café.

Soulful deep house & funky

disco, DJ LC Rank.

Every Saturday at 11-19 &

every Sunday at 19-01

Nude-party at Looky Looky

Every Sunday at 20-24

Jazz at Café Intime


Tine and Torben perform at

Centralhjørnet. Come and listen

to the beautiful ballads from

Bette Midler, Carole King, Niel

Sedaka and Dolly Parton. An

evening to remember - and it

wont be the last time that Tine

performs at Centralhjørnet.

3rd and 4th

Oliver Twist at Jailhouse - Musical

Event. Jailhouse Cph. will

change into an orphanage in a

poor neighbourhood in London.

The naughty boys will make

sure that your pockets will be

picked for your last pennies.


Sailor night at Centralhjørnet

with Arne & Nyhavns Roser.

The boys at Centralhjørnet will

dress up in sailor uniforms and

Arne & Nyhavns Roser will

sing naughty and unforgettable

sailor songs.


Cultural Night at Heaven. The

bartenders will show us what

they sleep in at night! You will

see nightgowns, thongs and

Chanel No5....

10th - 19th

Golden Stars at Cosy Bar

11th at 19.15

Football at Masken. Bosnia/

Herzegovina - Denmark. Shots

to everybody when Denmark



Heaven celebrates its third

birthday. Free beers between 17

and 19, birthday cake and fun.


Martin & Torben perform at

Centralhjørnet. Martin whom

is one of the most popular bartenders

will take a break from

the bar and entertain. Come and

listen to the old and classical

songs in new and alternative


17th - 26th

Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian

Film Festival.

In the recent year the festival

despite its name has also had

showings in Århus, Malmö and

Ålborg. In Copenhagen the

festival takes place mainly at

the Film House’s “Cinematek”

on Gothersgade but there will

also be showings in other of

the city’s many movie theatres.

Look for the program at bars

and cafés or visit

for more details.


[ 26 ] out and about — copenhagen gay life, october... – oh boy! 2003 out and about — copenhagen gay life, october... – oh boy! 2003 [ 27 ]

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