Forskning 2008 - Herlev Hospital

Forskning 2008 - Herlev Hospital

Forskning 2008

low voltage pulse combinations for gene electrotransfer

in muscle. Hum Gene Ther 2008;19:1249-60.

Kristensen B, Ejlertsen B, Mouridsen HT, Jensen MB,

Andersen J, Bjerregaard B, et al. Bisphosphonate

treatment in primary breast cancer: results from a

randomised comparison of oral pamidronate versus no

pamidronate in patients with primary breast cancer.

Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden) 2008;47(4):740-6.

Kristensen BH, Laursen FJ, Logager V, Geertsen PF,

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of an open low-field magnetic resonance simulator for

radiotherapy treatment planning of brain tumours.

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: journal of the Working Group on Heart Failure of

the European Society of Cardiology 2008;10(7):658-60.

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Straten PT. Characterization of a single peptide derived

from cytochrome P450 1B1 that elicits spontaneous

human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-A1 as well as HLA-B35

restricted CD8 T-cell responses in cancer patients. Hum

Immunol 2008;69(4-5):266-72.

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Holmboe P, Knap M, et al. Cancer of the external

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to 2001. Head and Neck-Journal for the Sciences and

Specialties of the Head and Neck 2008;30(10):1332-8.

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C, Roslind A, Nolsoe CR. Contrast kinetics of

the malignant breast tumour - Border versus centre

enhancement on dynamic midfield MRI. Eur J Radiol


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of immature and mature dendritic cells:

Effects on their immunogenic potential. Mol Biotechnol


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P, Mounier R, et al. Association between interleukin-15

and obesity: interleukin-15 as a potential regulator

of fat mass. The Journal of clinical endocrinology

and metabolism 2008;93(11):4486-93.

Nielsen KV, Ejlertsen B, Moller S, Jorgensen JT, Knoop

A, Knudsen H, et al. The value of TOP2A gene copy

number variation as a biomarker in breast cancer:

Update of DBCG trial 89D. Acta oncologica (Stockholm,

Sweden) 2008;47(4):725-34.

O’Neill L, Armstrong J, Buckney S, Assiri M, Cannon

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treatment position in the radiation therapy of prostate

cancer. Radiother Oncol 2008;88(1):61-6.

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fronts for comparison of treatment planning systems

and delivery techniques. Acta oncologica (Stockholm,

Sweden) 2008;1-5.

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Pedersen AN, Specht L, et al. Can audio coached 4D CT

emulate free breathing during the treatment course?

Acta Oncol 2008;47(7):1397-405.

Pfeiffer P, Nielsen D, Bjerregaard J, Qvortrup C, Yilmaz

M, Jensen B. Biweekly cetuximab and irinotecan as

third-line therapy in patients with advanced colorectal

cancer after failure to irinotecan, oxaliplatin and 5-

fluorouracil. Ann Oncol 2008;19(6):1141-5.

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E, Nielsen DL, et al. High serum levels of YKL-40 in

patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and

neck are associated with short survival. Int J Cancer


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T. Subcellular localization of YKL-40 in normal and

malignant epithelial cells of the breast. Ultrastruct

Pathol 2008;32(3):101-6.

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DL, Price PA, et al. YKL-40 protein expression is not

a prognostic marker in patients with primary breast

cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2008;112(2):275-85.

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T, Andersen PK. New Insight Into Epirubicin Cardiac

Toxicity: Competing Risks Analysis of 1097 Breast

Cancer Patients. JNCI Journal of the National Cancer

Institute 2008;100(15):158-67.

Scagliotti GV, Parikh P, von Pawel J, Biesma B,

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comparing cisplatin plus gemcitabine with cisplatin

plus pemetrexed in chemotherapy-naive patients with

advanced-stage non-small-cell lung cancer. J Clin Oncol


Schonnemann KR, Jensen HA, Yilmaz M, Jensen BV,

Larsen O, Pfeiffer P. Phase II study of short-time oxaliplatin,

capecitabine and epirubicin (EXE) as first-line

therapy in patients with non-resectable gastric cancer.

Br J Cancer 2008;99(6):858-61.


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