Washing Machine Vaskemaskine Tvättmaskin Pralka ... - Hemexperten


Washing Machine Vaskemaskine Tvättmaskin Pralka ... - Hemexperten

Pull the emergency draining hose out from

its seat Place a large container at the end of

the hose. Drain the water into the container

by pulling out the plug at the end of the hose.

When the container is full, block the inlet of the

hose by replacing the plug. After the container

is emptied, repeat the above procedure to

drain the water in the machine completely.

When draining of water is finished, close the

end by the plug again and fix the hose in its

place. Turn the pump filter to take it out.

Discharging the water when the product does

not have an emergency draining hose:

Place a large container in front of the filter to

catch water from the filter. Loosen pump filter

(anticlockwise) until water starts to flow. Fill

the flowing water into the container you have

placed in front of the filter. Always keep a piece

of cloth handy to absorb any spilled water.

When the water inside the machine is finished,

take out the filter completely by turning it.

Clean any residues inside the filter as well as

fibers, if any, around the pump impeller region.

Install the filter.

A If your product has a water jet feature, be

sure to fit the filter into its housing in the

pump. Never force the filter while installing

it into its housing. Seat the filter into its

place completely. Otherwise, water may

leak from the filter cap.

If the filter cap is composed of two pieces,

close the filter cap by pressing on the tab. If it

is one piece, seat the tabs in the lower part into

their places first, and then press the upper part

to close.

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