Forskning 2007 - Herlev Hospital

Forskning 2007 - Herlev Hospital

Forskning 2007

Jess T, Loftus EV, Velayos FS, Winther KV, Tremaine

WJ, Zinsmeister AR, Harmsen WS, Langholz E, Binder

V, Munkholm P, Sandborn WJ. Risk factors for colorectal

neoplasia in inflammatory bowel disease: A nested

case-control study from copenhagen county, denmark

and olmsted county, minnesota. Am J Gastroenterol


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Perner A. Effects of endotoxaemia on markers of permeability,

metabolism and inflammation in the large

bowel of healthy subjects. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand


Katsanos KH, Vermeire S, Christodoulou DK, Riis L,

Wolters F, Odes S, Freitas J, Hoie O, Marina B, Fornaciari

G, Clofent J, Bodini P, Vatn M, Nunes PB, Moum

B, Munkholm P, Limonard C, Stockbrugger R, Rutgeerts

P, Tsianos EV. Dysplasia and cancer in inflammatory

bowel disease 10 years after diagnosis: Results of

a population-based European collaborative follow-up

study. Digestion 2007;75(2-3):113-21.

Ljung T, Thomsen OO, Vatn M, Karlen P, Karlsen LN,

Tysk C, Nilsson SU, Kilander A, Gillberg R, Grip O,

Lindgren S, Befrits R, Lofberg R. Granulocyte, monocyte/macrophage

apheresis for inflammatory bowel

disease: The first 100 patients treated in Scandinavia.

Scand J Gastroenterol 2007;42(2):221-7.

Madsen SM, Holm S, Riis P. Attitudes towards clinical

research among cancer trial participants and non-participants:

an interview study using a Grounded Theory

approach. J Med Ethics 2007;33(4):234-40.

Milman N, Nielsen OH, Hviid TVF, Fenger K. CARD15

single nucleotide polymorphisms 8, 12 and 13 are not

increased in ethnic Danes with sarcoidosis. Respiration


Nielsen AA, Nielsen JN, Gronbaek H, Eivindson M,

Vind I, Munkholm P, Brandslund I, Hey H. Impact of

enteral supplements enriched with omega-3 fatty acids

and/or omega-6 fatty acids, arginine and ribonucleic

acid compounds on leptin levels and nutritional status

in active Crohn’s disease treated with prednisolone.

Digestion 2007;75(1):10-6.

Odes S, Friger M, Vardi H, Claessens G, Bossuyt X, Riis

L, Munkholm P, Wolters F, Yona H, Hoie O, Beltrami

M, Tsianos E, Katsanos K, Mouzas I, Clofent J, Monteiro

E, Messori A, Politi P, O’Morain C, Limonard C, Russel

M, Vatn M, Moum B, Stockbrugger R, Vermeire S. Role

of ASCA and the NOD2/CARD15 mutation Gly908Arg

in predicting increased surgical costs in Crohn’s disease

patients: A project of the European Collaborative Study

Group on Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflamm Bowel

Dis 2007;13(7):874-81.

Riis L, Vind I, Vermeire S, Wolters F, Katsanos K,

Politi P, Freitas J, Mouzas IA, O’Morain C, Ruiz-Ochoa

V, Odes S, Binder V, Munkholm P, Moum B, Stockbrugger

R, Langholz E. The prevalence of genetic and

serologic markers in an unselected European population-based

cohort of IBD patients. Inflamm Bowel Dis


Schreiber S, Khaliq-Kareemi M, Lawrance IC, Thomsen

OO, Hanauer SB, McColm J, Bloomfield R, Sandborn

WJ. Maintenance therapy with certolizumab pegol for

Crohn’s disease. N Engl J Med 2007;357(3):239-50.

Seidelin JB, Vainer B, Andresen L, Nielsen OH.

Upregulation of cIAP2 in regenerating colonocytes in

ulcerative colitis. Virchows Arch 2007;451(6):1031-8.

Vainer B, Jess T, Andersen PS. Rapid tumour-like

growth of giant filiform polyposis in a patient without

a history of chronic bowel inflammation. APMIS


Wolters FL, Joling C, Russel MG, Sijbrandij J, De Bruin

M, Odes S, Riis L, Munkholm P, Bodini P, Ryan B,

O’Morain C, Mouzas IA, Tsianos E, Vermeire S, Monteiro

E, Limonard C, Vatn M, Fornaciari G, Rodriguez

D, Groot W, Moum B, Stockbrugger RW. Treatment

inferred disease severity in Crohn’s disease: Evidence

for a European gradient of disease course. Scand J

Gastroenterol 2007;42(3):333-44.


Ainsworth MA, Brynskov J. Antitumornekrosefaktor-alpha-behandling

af patienter med aktiv colitis

ulcerosa. Ugeskrift for laeger 2007 Feb 26;169(9):789-91.

Bjerrum JT, Nielsen OH. Azathioprin og 6-mercaptopurin

som vedligeholdelsesbehandling ved colitis

ulcerosa. Gennemgang af Cochrane-review. Ugeskrift

for laeger 2007 Dec 10;169(50):4341-4.

Bjerrum JT, Munck LC, Krogh-Madsen M, Nielsen

OH. TNF-alpha-antistofbehandling og remissionsinduk­


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