Vejledning og kravspecifikation for SkyTEM-målinger - Aarhus ...

Vejledning og kravspecifikation for SkyTEM-målinger - Aarhus ...

(Januar 2010)

Setup of LCI-smooth model


Resistivity [Ωm]

Number of layers


Auto scale or homogenous half space

19 (maximum number)

Thickness first layer [m] 1

4 m followed by logarithmic increasing thicknesses

Thickness A-priori constraint 2 1.001 (fixed), last layer 1.5

Vertical constraints, resistivities 2

Horizontal constraints, resistivities 1.3

Horizontal constraints, thicknesses 2

99 (not constrained)

Horizontal constraints, depths 99 (not constrained), last layer 1.05

Auto scaling, power 1

Max. Section length 30

Max. Distance before creating a new section [m] 300

Continuity between section boundaries

Force Continuous is on

1 Last layer boundary is chosen so it covers the expected depth of investigation.

2 Last thickness has a a-priori constraint of 1.5 and a horizontal constraint on the last depth of 1.05

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