Heimdal Medlemsblad December 2008 - The Danish Club in ...


Heimdal Medlemsblad December 2008 - The Danish Club in ...

Den Danske Forening



Newsletter for the Danish Association ‘Heimdal’ – Established 1872

December 2008



PHONE: 07 3252 1125 www.danishclubbrisbane.org



All emails to the editor and other material to be

published must be received by the 10 th of the month.

We will endeavour to publish all material submitted but

reserve the right to determine the suitability of the

material to be published. Any material published does

not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Danish Club or

the Editor.

From the Editor:

Webmaster : Aage Christoffersen

18 Boardman Street

Kallangur QLD 4503

Phone: (07) 3204 5761

Skype: lydatronic

Email: aage@tpg.com.au

The Christmas

tree at Austin

Street is happily

decorated with

many new hearts

and chains and

becomes a

symbol of our

lives: strong


underpinning life

in the new world

and linking us to

our past.

Whether you’ve lived in Australia

for one or fifty years, our Danish

traditions remain with us, often with

a unique Australian twist. Baking

Christmas cookies and making

decorations for our Christmas tree

with KUPALEJA engaging all with

Danish songs was a wonderful

reminder of our Danish heritage.

I wish you all

Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår.

Photo by Alan Przybylak


Welcome to

Kirsty Phillips & Mark Kristensen,


Ulla & Tune Johansen, Mitchelton

Christina & Hasse Anderson,


Heine Christensen, Kuraby

Jette & Keith Rayment, Kangaroo Point

Louisa van Deurzen


Lone Schmidt

Phone: 07 3359 2026



Future Functions

Café Danmark & 28 November 2008

Christmas market

from 6 pm

Try our tasty open-faced sandwiches, get a drink in the bar and have a

look at the stalls – the baker will be there with their delicious breads

and pastries as well as Christmas specialties and you can buy

Christmas decorations and presents at the stalls

Children’s Christmas Party 13 December 2008

2 – 5 pm

Enjoy gløgg and æbleskiver and dance around the Christmas tree

before Santa Oz turns up all the way from the North Pole with presents

for all the kids - check the newsletter for booking details and price.

‘KUPALEJA’ will provide entertainment and get us all into the

Christmas spirit.


After the Christmas break, we are back with

Fastelavn &

Paella & Sangria

14 February 2009 2 - 5 pm

from 5 pm

Time for the kids to dress up and ‘slå katten af tønden’. Afterwards the

paella chef will start warming up the big paella pan and prepare a feast

for us. Check the next newsletter for details

Café Danmark

27 February 2009 from 6 pm

Det Store Kolde Bord 14 March 2009


from 6.30 pm for 7 pm start

If you participated in the November buffet, you know what to expect!

It’s delicious, it’s big, be there

Moose Shoot

By Kim Tvede

What a great day out! Amanda, Mitchell, Johannes and Kim represented the Danes in this annual

event organized by the Swedes Downunder. It should be noted that Kim, as coordinator of

Danskerne, had twelve expressions of interest for the team, but family, travel and other events made

the rest unable to attend on the particular day. We hope they had as good a day as we did with

everyone mustering for the shoot at the SSAA range around 8am.

The event had been enlarged this year to include not only rifle shooting (.223 Weatherby Vanguards

for those who are interested), but also pistol shooting (Ruger 10/22), and shotgunning (Miroku O/U

12 gauge). The SSAA coaches were excellent and transmitted the joy of their sport to the exuberant

Skandinavere og Aussies (who were great shots and clever enough to have Scandinavian partners).

The shotguns were used with reduced powder loads so the recoil was not a shock for new shooters,

and people still hit those bright orange little clay disks. It is fair to say the Olympic team is safe for a

while yet, but we had some fast learners! The pistol shooting showed the Danish team had a ‘dark

horse’. Johannes Pedersen performed like he had done it before, and he had. It was only after he

received the overall winner medal, t-shirt, and kiss, that he admitted having won a silver medal in

Hærens shooting competition during his military service, and pistol training for his service with the

UN in Bosnia, and had been with a shooting club in Denmark, but hadn’t shot for six years so did not

think it worth mentioning beforehand! The rifle shooting showed Aussie Antony, last year’s winner,

was a champion by shooting 100/100. An unbeatable score! Discussion was that next year the

targets needed to be smaller, or moved further out, as a number of shooters were within 2 points of

this result. Shooting standing off-hand next year was not considered a fair option for those younger

and lighter shooters who may otherwise be disadvantaged in holding the firearm steady. In all the

events, the planning showed consideration for safety as well as skill levels.

The Swedish club were most generous in offering all shooters their traditional hunting meal of thick

and nutritious pea and ham soup, with beer and a traditional punsch, which tasted like a sweet,

fortified dessert wine, fortunately not as alcoholic (at 24%) as snaps. We enjoyed the meal in nearby

Meadowlands Park, which we had to ourselves with magpies and a tawny frogmouth looking on.

Trust the Svenska to find a timber shelter in amongst pine trees (mountain oaks, actually, but with

needles and suitably lichened trunks).

Looking forward to next year’s Moose Challenge!

Christmas Party 13 December 2008

2 – 5 pm

Christmas Party

Saturday 13 December 2008

2 – 5 pm

The Christmas tree is proudly

showing off its new decorations,

the elves are busy making

Christmas presents and Santa is

cleaning his special lightweight

Christmas outfit for his visit


We invite members, friends and

their children and grandchildren

to celebrate Christmas at the

Danish Club together with

‘KUPALEJA’ who will entertain us

with traditional Danish Christmas songs.

There’ll be gløgg and æbleskiver

on the menu and Santa Oz will

make an appearance with

presents for all the children.

Make sure that Santa knows

you’re coming by booking a

ticket @$10 for each child by

Monday 8 December 2008.

Email hoimark.schmidt@bigpond.com

or ring Lone on 3359 2026 with names

Photo by Kim Tvede

and age.

Payment by EFT to Suncorp BSB 484-799 Account 02495 1468

Payment details 13-12-08, your name and membership number

Or send a cheque made out to ‘Heimdal’ to the treasurer:

Lone Schmidt

24 Ashley Road

Chermside West QLD 4032

Get all your Danish Baked Goodies from Britt’s Bakery at Café DANMARK

4th Friday of each month

Authentic Danish Pastry & Organic Bread Products

Kringler, Smørtærter, Kanelstænger, Birkes, Rundstykker, Fuldkornsrugbrød,

Kransekagekonfekt, Småkager, Knækbrød og bagerens dårlige øje.

For information, order forms and delivery details, go to our website: www.brittsdanishdelight.-


Unit 5/10 Energy Crescent, Molendinar QLD 4214 Ph: 07 5571 6881 Fax: 07 5571 6947

Email: order@brittsdanishdelight.com.au

Dear members and friends of Heimdal

We have had a great start to our new season and on behalf of the committee, I would like to thank all

members and friends sincerely for supporting our events.

The only way we can keep our club alive and preserve a great venue, where we can celebrate our

Danish heritage and traditions is by members attending and supporting the functions.

The committee strives to deliver quality functions and also develop new concepts, and it was

absolutely great to see the support for our recent ‘julestue’ held Saturday 15 November, where many

kids, parents, grandparents and friends took part in all the good traditional Christmas activities.

A big thank you to Gudrun Tvede, MDCC ( Mistress-of-Danish-Christmas-Cookies) for making the

dough and guiding all the young helpers in the art of shaping and baking cookies – plus of course the

sampling of the products.

Also a big thank you to KUPALEJA who had everybody on the floor singing and dancing, and it was

good training for our upcoming Christmas Eve in the afternoon of 13 December where there will be

singing and dancing around the Christmas Tree (which was also decorated by the kids 15 November)

and Christmas presents for all the kids.

The committee has commenced preparations for next year and we hope to see continued strong

support for our future events.

We have another Scandinavian Café Night scheduled for 28 February at the Finnish

Club/Thornlands, and our recent ‘shoot-out’ with the Swedes was also a great success disclosing

some hidden talents.

If anybody would like to be part of an event or has an idea to a new event, please contact one of the

committee members – the events we pursue are what we think will attract the most interest and

support and we are always open to new ideas from all members.

If you are a keen bushwalker, you can start your own bushwalking group, and we can assist by

advertising events in our newsletter.

Likewise others may be more interested in indoor activities like the famous Danish dice game, Balut,

or the somewhat more demanding indoor soccer

I would also like to extend a very warm welcome to all our new members and wish all a very Merry

Christmas and a Fabulous New Year.


Henrik Caspersen is having a closing down sale at his shop in Fortitude Valley and is offering the

following Scanpan Cookware specials to Heimdal members.

Note: As there is limited stock only, all sales will be on a ‘First Come First Served’ basis.

All items will be available to pick up and pay for at the next Café Danmark on November 28 th .

Payment can be made via Cash, Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

To order please email Henrik at sales@scanliving.com

Up to 65% of RRP



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32cm Wok with Bonus rack

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20 cm Cooks Knife

20 cm Carving Knife

20 cm Bread Knife

15 cm Utility Knife

9 cm Paring Knife

11.5 cm Vegetable Knife

15 cm Carving Fork

26 cm Diamond Steel

Knife Block

Stanley Rogers ‘Albany’

56 Pce Cutlery Set


8 x Dinner Knives.

8 x Dinner Forks.

8 x Entrée Knives.

8 x Entrée Forks.

8 x Soup Spoons.

8 x Dessert Spoons.

8 x Teaspoons.

Stanley Rogers ‘Bristol’

56 Pce Cutlery Set


8 x Dinner Knives.

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8 x Entrée Knives.

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8 x Soup Spoons.

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$599 $190

$199 $75

$199 $75.00

Christmas Special:

Rullepølsepresse i træ (aldrig brugt) til salg – kontakt Ida på kipetersen@hotmail.com for flere


Julestuen 2008

By Kim Tvede

The event opened Saturday 15 November at 9am with Gudrun Tvede setting up the kitchen,

assisted by Merete Kern and Lis Larsen. Allan Przybylak had of course been there well before

that with his usual attention to cleaning and general readiness for the event. The first four

young people arrived shortly afterwards. Thus started the inaugural 2008 Julestue.

The Power family young folk (Remy, Crystal & Atlanta) arrived to start the traditional

decorations with star and heart making. Eyes were opened at some of the more complex designs

possible in weaving heart baskets. Even adults who thought they knew all about fancy heart

designs were challenged. The prize for diligence in this area should go to Soren Hoimark’s

mother-in-law, who quietly went about a whole series of very attractive designs.

Photo by Kim Tvede

Various families arrived throughout the morning with a pleasant atmosphere developing as

people selected their preferred activity or rotated around. Lone Lambourne was her usual

organised self, helping everything run smoothly and covering details. The littlies who found even

scissors difficult, still managed to make paper chains, and the biscuit production was wellattended

by many. Such concentration on tasks showed real engagement. Many biscuits and

klejner were sampled and consumed, as well as taken home, but there were some left over for

the next Café for those who missed out.

With a bare tree in the middle of the floor, and participants gradually decorating it, the

atmosphere grew as more people arrived. In the end around twenty-seven adults and similar

numbers of young folk rounded out the event. This meant that Kupaleja (Kurt & Pat Christensen,

Lenard Lovdin and Jan Palmer) had a great number of people to perform songs with, setting the

scene with a selection of folk tunes before moving into the Xmas theme. By the time Lis Larsen

lead the song games with the group, people were really into the swing of it, and ready for a hot

dog. People were so into the mood we were strongly tempted to prepare some æbleskiver, but

we resisted, since something should be left for those who couldn’t attend.

The tree grew in weight and colour, with various folk starting to leave between 1 and 3pm as

their own arrangements took over. Some folk took advantage of the supplies of glossy paper and

star strips to take supplies home. Many copies of the recipes (på dansk), star and heart-making

instructions (in English, courtesy of Remy Power) went with families to help spread the skills in

traditional Danish Xmas preparations.

Decorations were added to the tree on leaving. Just to show that an excellent tradition cannot

be put down, one young primary schooler made a wonderful suggestion: “Wouldn’t it be good to

put sweets into the woven heart baskets on the tree so we can eat them at Christmas.” Now

why hadn’t someone thought of that before!

The club committee had decided to subsidise the event and the final cost is likely to be

somewhere in the vicinity of $200. Thank you to all the people who helped make the event so

enjoyable, both as participants and volunteers. It was a lovely day and a wonderful way to

launch the Xmas spirit for 2008.

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Julen nærmer sig – Næste gudstjeneste i Den danske Kirke i Mount Gravatt

afholdes 20. december 2008 kl. 14. Efter gudstjenesten er der kaffe og

generalforsamling, fulgt af BYO BBQ. Adressen er 71 Newnham Road – læs om

arrangementet på kirkens hjemmeside www.danishchurchbrisbane.org.au

Bob McDowell is looking for information regarding his great-grandfather Peter

Martin Jensen. Born in Ulsted, Vendsyssel around 1862, he came to Australia

around 1887, possibly as a merchant seaman. His father’s name was Christen

and mother’s name was Johanna Madsen. Please contact Bob on

gladroad@hotmail.com if you have any details that might help him.

The Danish Club in Melbourne is moving premises. The new Club venue will be on 3rd floor on

428 Little Bourke Street www.realcommercial.com.au/commercial-real-estate/5392253 This is on the

corner of Queen and Little Bourke Streets, and smack bang in the legal precinct. It is a new

beginning and if you are a member you can now be part of developing this new venue and this new

Club. If you are not a member yet, then go to Web Site www.thedanishclub.com.au and apply or

contact office@thedanishclub.com.au or on 9690 136. Current cost is $50 per year. If you are under

18, pensioner or spouse, the cost is $30.

If you’re in Melbourne on the second Wednesday of the month, meet the Young Vikings in Town

(YViT) at Terra Rossa, 87 Flinders Lane (under the Swiss Club), mellem Exhibition og Russell, next

to Wagamama. Contact anders.madsen@orange-ftgroup.com to get on the distribution list.

Young Danes-SYDNEY meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm at Slip Inn, 111 Sussex

Street . Young Danes-forummet er åbent for herboende yngre danskere og partnere, udsendte

forretningsfolk og medfølgende partnere, trainees, studerende, au-pairs og andre på gennemrejse

som ønsker at mødes, hvor det talte sprog er dansk. Contact Zenped@um.dk

To listen to SBS Radio anytime in Danish go to:


"Listen to the Latest Broadcast" or go to "Archive" to find stories from the past broadcasts

Recent stories include: DGI, Information on the Law Change proposal for Double Citizenship for

Danes, and hear Maria try to get more teachers for the Danish School.

Thanks to Erik Thorup of Young Vikings for the above information.

Statsborgerskab til børn født i udlandet

Fra websiten dk-mor-udlandet.com har vi fundet en god oversigt over reglerne for dansk


Der er lidt forskellige regler alt efter om man er dansk far eller dansk mor til et barn

født i udlandet:

Reglerne her er gældende for børn født af en dansk mor. Reglerne er også gældende for

danske fædre i udlandet, som er gift med en udenlandsk partner. Der er lidt anderledes

regler for en dansk far i udlandet, som IKKE er gift med sin udenlandske partner – så

lever du i papirløst forhold gælder disse regler altså ikke.

Lad os starte med at slå fast, at et barn født i udlandet af en dansk mor er dansk

statsborger fra fødslen – uanset hvor barnet er født og uanset hvilken nationalitet

faderen måtte have. Har faderen et (eller flere) udenlandske statsborgerskaber er der

stor sandsynlighed for, at barnet også har disse nationaliteter fra fødslen. Et barn kan

dermed sagtens have to eller flere statsborgerskaber fra fødslen.

Lande uddeler statsborgerskaber efter to metoder – den ene kaldes ”blod” og den anden

”jord”. ”Blod” betyder, at landene giver statsborgerskab, hvis ens forældre er

statsborgere i landet (uanset hvor i verden barnet bliver født) og ”jord” betyder, at man

får statsborgerskab i det pågældende land, hvis man blive født indenfor dette lands


Nogle lande giver statsborgerskab efter begge principper – f.eks. USA. Det betyder at

børn født udenfor USA af amerikanske statsborgere får amerikansk statsborgerskab,

men ligeledes betyder det også, at et barn født i USA af f.eks. en dansk mor og en

fransk far får tre statsborgerskaber – dansk efter moderen, fransk efter faderen og

amerikansk fordi USA giver statsborgerskab efter ”jord” princippet – altså ved fødsel i


Danmark giver kun statsborgerskab efter ”blod” princippet. Er man født af en dansk

mor, bliver man således statsborger i Danmark, uanset hvor i verden man bliver født.

Mange undrer sig over, at barnet ikke skal registreres som dansker nogen steder efter

en fødsel i udlandet. Det er korrekt nok – det faktum at barnet er født af en dansk mor

gør, at barnet er dansk statsborger. Hvis man gerne vil have et ”bevis” på

statsborgerskabet, er den eneste mulighed at bestille et dansk pas (som kun udleveres

til danske statsborgere) – det er i hvert fald et bevis på statsborgerskabet.

Et cpr.nummer kan man heller ikke få til barnet, så længe man er bosiddende i

udlandet. Dette er ofte til stor frustration for danske forældre i udlandet, men altså

ganske korrekt. Cpr.nr. kan man først få ved tilflytning til Danmark og hvis ikke ens

barn kommer til at bo i Danmark på noget tidspunkt – ja, så får barnet aldrig et dansk

cpr.nr. Det har INGEN betydning for statsborgerskabet.

Vigtigst er det at et dansk cpr.nr. ikke har nogen som helst funktion for et dansk barn

født i udlandet og ikke behøves til noget som helst.

Opsummering: Et barn født i udlandet af en dansk mor eller en dansk far gift

med en udenlandsk partner er dansk fra fødslen, skal ikke registreres nogen

steder og får ikke et cpr.nr.

Dobbelt statsborgerskab

Vi har alle hørt gang på gang, at Danmark ikke accepterer dobbelt statsborgerskab. Det


for børn født af en dansk mor og en udenlandsk far.

I indfødsretlovgivningen står der, at hvis man ANSØGER om et andet statsborgerskab

end dansk – så kan man ikke beholde det danske statsborgerskab. Det vigtige ord er

ANSØGER. Et barn født af en dansk mor og en udenlandsk far har IKKE ansøgt om flere

statsborgerskaber, men derimod FÅET dem i fødselsgave. Derfor kan et barn født med

flere statsborgerskaber sagtens have dobbelt (eller flere statsborgerskaber).

Opsummering: Et barn som har fået to eller flere statsborgerskaber i

fødselsgave fra forældrene kan uden problemer have dobbelt statsborgerskab i

henhold til danske regler. (Der kan være enkelte andre lande som ikke

accepterer dobbelt statsborgerskab fra fødslen)

Ansøgning om bevarelse af dansk statsborgerskab

Fejlagtigt mener mange, at man skal opgive det danske statsborgerskab eller vælge

statsborgerskab, når barnet bliver 21 år. DETTE ER FORKERT – man skal ikke vælge

mellem ens statsborgerskaber eller opgive sit danske og man kan sagtens beholde flere

statsborgerskabet hele livet.

Her er det indfødsretlovens paragraf 8 vi skal have fat i for at finde ud af hvad det er

man rent faktisk skal når ens barn bliver 21 år gammel.

" § 8. Den, der er født i udlandet og aldrig har boet her i riget og ej

heller har opholdt sig her under forhold, der tyder på samhørighed med

Danmark, taber sin danske indfødsret ved det fyldte 22. år, medmindre den

pågældende derved bliver statsløs. Justitsministeren, eller den, han

bemyndiger dertil, kan dog efter ansøgning indgivet inden dette tidspunkt

tillade, at indfødsretten bevares."

Opsummering: Et barn som er født i udlandet og som har boet i Danmark i

mindst 12 mdr. i løbet af barndommen (0-21 år) er automatisk og uden at gøre

noget som helst dansk statsborger for resten af livet. Ved 12 mdrs. bopæl i

Danmark regnes man for at have opnået tilknytning til landet og dermed

optjent rettigheden til at bevare det danske statsborgerskab for tid og evighed.

Ansøgning om bevarelse af dansk statsborgerskab.

Har barnet ALDRIG været bosiddende i Danmark fra fødslen til den 21. fødselsdag skal

der indgives en ansøgning om bevarelse af dansk statsborgerskab.

ALLERVIGTIGST er at huske at sende ansøgningen på det rigtige tidspunkt.

Ansøgningen kan tidligst indgives den dag barnet fylder 21 år og SKAL være indsendt

senest dagen før barnet fylder 22 år. Indsender man ikke ansøgning eller kommer man

bare éen dag for sent – så har barnet mistet sit danske statsborgerskab og der findes

INGEN muligheder for at få dette igen uden at miste eventuelle andre statsborgerskaber.

Derfor HUSK at indsende ansøgningen inden for perioden fra barnets 21 års fødselsdag

og senest dagen før barnet fylder 22 år.

Ansøgningen er et stykke papir der udleveres hos ambassader eller som kan fås ved

henvendelse til indfødsretskontoret i Danmark.

Det vigtigste formål med ansøgningen er at bevise at barnet – på trods af at have boet i

udlandet hele livet – har bevaret tilknytning til Danmark.

Når indfødsretskontoret kigger på denne ansøgning tager de overhovedet IKKE i

betragtning hvorvidt barnet har andre statsborgerskaber og der stilles ingen krav om at

disse statsborgerskaber skal opgives. Går ansøgningen igennem er barnet dansk

statsborger for resten af livet og bevarer også eventuelle andre statsborgerskaber (Med

mindre ”det/de andre lande” har lovgivningsmæssige krav der gør at DE ikke accepterer

at barnet har flere statsborgerskaber)

De allerfleste ansøgninger om bevarelse af statsborgerskabet går glat igennem – om

end det kan tage noget tid. Det er vigtigt at udfylde ansøgningen med så mange

oplysninger som overhovedet muligt.

I ansøgningen skal der redegøres for hvorfor barnet vil vedblive at være dansk

statsborger. Der skal redegøres for alle de tilknytningsforhold, barnet har til Danmark

(familie, venner, bekendte) og hvilken kontakt barnet har haft til disse i løbet af

opvæksten. Der skal redegøres for antallet af besøg i Danmark og kontakten til venner

og familie. Venner og familie i Danmark kan risikere at få besøg af politiet i Danmark for

at bekræfte oplysningerne. Det er en god ide at forberede familien/vennerne på dette,

således de ikke får et chok over at få besøg af politiet. Det er en helt normal procedure.

Det er derfor en god ide at føre ”dagbog” over rejser til Danmark og om hvem man har

besøgt. Ligeledes er det en god ide i dagbogen at føre en liste over familie og venners

besøg på bopælsstedet i udlandet (det er også tilknytning til Danmark). Det mest

suveræne er at sørge for at barnet altid rejser på eget pas og bede paskontrollen i

Danmark stemple passet hver gang barnet besøger Danmark.

Det er også en god ide at tage billeder (som bevis på besøgene i Danmark) – der er

også eksempler på at politiet har bedt familie og venner om de har nogen ”beviser” på

barnets tilknytning og her kan netop foto fra sommerferier, breve og anden kontakt

være ”beviser”.

Der er i lovgivningen ingen krav om at Danmark skal være besøgt et bestemt antal

gange i løbet af opvæksten. Det vurderes individuelt fra sag til sag. Et dansk barn som

har været bosiddende i Hamburg i Tyskland forventes at have besøgt Danmark oftere

end et dansk barn bosiddende på New Zealand.

Andre ting som kan bevise tilknytning til Danmark er f.eks. evnen til at tale dansk. Det

er IKKE et krav at barnet skal kunne tale dansk, men det vil blive vurderet hvorvidt

barnet kan kommunikere med familie og venner i Danmark. Det er mere sandsynligt at

et dansk barn opvokset i USA med engelsk som modersmål kan kommunikere med

bedsteforældre i Danmark på engelsk end et dansk barn der udelukkende taler kinesisk

kan kommunikere med bedsteforældrene. I sidstnævnte tilfælde vil bedsteforældrene

blive afkrævet bevis på at disse er i stand til at kommunikere med barnet på kinesisk,

hvor det i det første tilfælde anses for sandsynligt at kommunikationen er foregået på

engelsk. Dansk er altså ikke et krav – og har man ikke lært dansk trækker det altså ikke

nødvendigvis fra i den samlede vurdering, men det er klart at evnen til at tale dansk er

et plus når tilknytningen skal vurderes.

Andre ting som kan øge tilknytning til Danmark er hvis barnet har foretaget studier i

udlandet i relation til Danmark. F.eks. et valgfag i nordisk litteratur i gymnasiet – alt

tæller og bør opgives i ansøgningen.

Der er ikke de store ben i ansøgningen, men den skal som sagt udfyldes så

fyldestgørende som muligt. Forfatteren til denne artikel har ikke kendskab til

ansøgninger om bevarelse af statsborgerskab efter det fyldte 22. år hvor der er blevet

givet afslag.

Opsummering: Hvis barnet aldrig har boet i Danmark inden barnet fylder 21. år

så HUSK at indgive ansøgning i perioden fra 21. års fødselsdagen til senest

dagen før barnet fylder 22. år. Ansøgningen skal afleveres hos

indfødsretskontoret i Danmark eller ved en dansk repræsentation i udlandet.

Gør det nemt at udfylde ansøgningen når den tid kommer ved at føre dagbog

over besøg i Danmark og besøg fra Danmark i udlandet og andre ting som kan

bevise tilknytning til Danmark. Lad være med at stresse over at der skal

indgives ansøgning. De allerallerfleste får positivt svar. Husk at DER IKKE ER




Skal du bruge snaps eller Gammel Dansk til jul og nytår, så

er det sidste udkald i denne uge – ring til Søren på 3359

2026 eller email soren.hoimark@hotmail.com

Baren vil være forsynet med mange gode danske øl til

13/12, heriblandt Sort Gold, Carlsberg Elefant, Export og


Study & Stay in Australia

Your door to the best in Australian Education & Training….

We are Danes, with a strong background in both Danish and Australian education & training.

Though we work with people from any country, we run some especially exciting programs

between Denmark and Australia, including:

Guiding would-be migrants to courses for recognition in 60-Point occupations

Assisting students enter the very best course, school/college/university for their needs

Study Tours – customised to meet the particular needs of the Danish


Semester Study Abroad – individuals or classes come to undertake one semester of

study, and get credit back into their secondary school/undergraduate programs in


Placing students into workplaces in Australia for Occupational Training, which is part

of their studies in Denmark

Consulting services for Danish institutions wishing to establish links with Australian


We’d be delighted to assist you in any of these areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Riborg Andersen riborg@studyinaustralia.com.au Ph: 07-5442 9588

Joern Christoffersen jjc@studyinaustralia.com.au Ph. 07-54739917

Nyttige Adresser:

Royal Danish Embassy

15 Hunter Street

Yarralumla ACT 2600

Phone: (02) 6270 5333

Fax: (02) 6270 5324

Email: cbramb@um.dk

Monday-Friday 9.00-4.30 info on


Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00

Konsulære anliggender

Danish Church in Australia

Pastor Jesper Engholm

PO Box 344

Pennant Hills NSW 2114

Phone: (02) 9980 8223

Fax: (02) 9980 8209




Swedes Down under Club Inc.

The Secretary

Swedes Down Under Club Inc.

PO Box 521, Carina QLD 4152

Email: polarisc1@optusnet.com.au

Swiss Club

36 Austin Street

Newstead, QLD 4006

PO Box 10

Wellers Hill QLD 4121

PH: 0500 811291


Norwegian Club of Qld Inc.

PO Box 2277

New Farm QLD 4005

President: Alf Andreassen

Phone: (07) 3889 3745

Mobile: (04) 0570 0153

Web: www.ncq.asn.au


The Committee 2008/09

Committee Member:

Søren Høimark

Phone 07 3359 2026



Kim Tvede




Vice President:

Alan Przybylak

Mobile: 0402 691 435



Committee Member:

Peter Hansen

Phone (02) 6680 3574



Treasurer :

Lone Schmidt

Phone 07 3359 2026



Membership Officer:

Lone Lambourne

Phone 07 3822 4476




Roy Schack

Phone 07 3289 3559



Committee Member:

Flemming Brinkmann

Phone 07 5463 4468


Committee Member:

Alf Berg

Phone 07 3389 2034

E-mail: alfberg@bigpond.com

Committee Member:

Henrik Caspersen (Rick)

Phone 0418 776 277



Committee Member:

Benny Uhlott

Phone 07 5446 6328



Committee Member:

Jørgen Skov

Phone 07 3341 0911

E-mail: jorgen@qldaus.com

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