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Bringing together physical and mental health

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The case for change:

10 areas where integration

is needed most

The interaction between mental and physical health has important consequences

at all levels of the health and social care system. The concept of integrated care

in relation to mental and physical health therefore covers a wide territory. The

objective of this section is to provide a map of that territory by describing 10 areas

where there is particular scope for improvement. As illustrated by Table 2, these

areas span the full range of health system activities, from public health to acute

hospital care.

Table 2 Ten priority areas for improvement

Prevention/public health 1. Incorporating mental health into public health programmes

2. Health promotion and prevention among people with severe

mental illnesses

General practice 3. Improving management of ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ in

primary care

4. Strengthening primary care for the physical health needs of people

with severe mental illnesses

Chronic disease management 5. Supporting the mental health of people with long-term conditions

6. Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of carers

Hospital care 7. Mental health in acute general hospitals

8. Physical health in mental health inpatient facilities

Community/social care 9. Integrated support for perinatal mental health

10. Supporting the mental health needs of people in residential homes

The case for change: 10 areas where integration is needed most 20

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