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Bringing together physical and mental health

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patient management. The team also offers: joint clinics with the pain service

and neurology; a supervisory service to stoma nurses; and an assessment and

treatment service for patients with medically unexplained symptoms.

3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service – A multidisciplinary team including a

consultant psychiatrist and physician, occupational therapist and psychological

therapists, which provides an assessment and treatment service for patients

with chronic fatigue syndrome.

4. Specialist Perinatal Service – A multidisciplinary team which provides

assessment and management of women with moderate-to-severe mental health

problems in the antenatal and postnatal periods.

5. Huntington’s Disease Team – A specialised team assessing and managing

patients with Huntington’s disease, working closely with neurologists

and geneticists.

6. Learning Disability Service – A designated learning disability nurse who

provides a prompt service for patients with a learning disability admitted to

an inpatient bed in the acute trust. The service includes support, close work

with family and carers, and tailored individual care plans.

While all these teams have their own separate functions, they also work

collaboratively, with clear referral pathways between each team and the provision

of shared care where necessary.

Members of the psychological medicine department also provide some training

for the acute trust workforce. Mental health awareness training is to be delivered

to all student nurses at Hull University, and the team is working towards making

it mandatory for all staff within the acute trust to receive training around mental

health awareness and suicide.

The department is currently exploring opportunities to build on close working

relationships with local GPs. A feasibility study is being funded by Hull CCG to

evaluate an intervention in primary care for patients with medically unexplained

symptoms. This will include a training package for GPs, provision of liaison

psychiatry and specialist therapy within the primary care setting, and regular joint

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