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Bringing together physical and mental health

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clinic. This service enables conversations between specialists in separate areas to

help manage patients that have multiple health needs.


The service was relatively new at the time of writing and further evaluation is

needed. Survey data collected pre- and post-implementation indicates that in the

view of mental health staff at the facility, there has been a significant improvement

in the standard of care for physical health since the introduction of the service.

The physical health consultants from the Whittington Hospital reported high

satisfaction with the joint consultations with service users and mental health staff.

This collaboration and up-skilling was seen as one of the main benefits of the service

from their perspective.

Key enablers


The enthusiasm and influence of senior physical health consultants helped to

embed and implement the service.


Staff from both sites felt that the current set-up of services – where they were

each in their own ‘silo’ – was not conducive to integrated, co-ordinated care,

and as a result there has been an appetite to challenge these barriers.


Joint consultations are reported to have been highly beneficial and provide

two-way learning, from mental health to physical health and vice versa. They

help to share different consultation methods, information about prescriptions

and medications, and what to look for when monitoring physical and

mental health.

Further information

• • Dr Myra Stern, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Whittington Health NHS

Trust. Email:

Appendices: case study site profiles 98

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