Summary of key points

Most respondents to this question, including a large majority of individuals, agreed

with establishing rights of appeal in the context of making a law to give supporters

rights in the decision-making or ownership of their football club.

The main reasons in support were that rights of appeal are routine aspects of

justice, part of balance and checking procedures and good practice where

legislation such as this is enacted. Other prominent views were that rights of

appeal would be democratic and fair to different parties and would provide a formal

route to dispute resolution.

A recurring view was that any appeals process should have clear parameters to

reduce the risk of spurious appeals and delays in finalising decisions.

Recommendations were made for the appeal Board to be independent and to work

in a transparent manner.

Amongst the small minority of opponents, the prevailing view was that existing

mechanisms and legislation should suffice, with no additional need for appeal

procedures. Concerns were raised that new appeals processes might be overly

bureaucratic and expensive.


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