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Super user-friendly defibrillator with direct guidance

- When cardiac arrest occurs, having a defibrillator nearby can make a crucial difference in a

life-and-death situation.

- Our two-step defibrillator is one of the latest models and incredibly user friendly.

- The software ensures that the defibrillator is always ready for use.

- Instructions can be set to English, making the defibrillator suitable in an international


Once the flap is opened, the defibrillator starts up and guides you with verbal instructions.

Innovative technology simultaneously analyses the heart rate as heart massage is administered.

The device can also be used on children. The defibrillator is highly dust and moisture


The LIFELINKcentral AED Program Manager constantly monitors the status of the defibrillator.

A notification is given in the event of any irregularities to ensure that the device is always functional

and ready for use.


Electrode level

Battery level

Battery capacity


Daily test



Daily and weekly tests

EKG and impedance

Charging and voltage





Self-test at start

Outdoor defibrillator – available 24/7

The Danish Health Authority recommends that defibrillators be placed outdoors in public

spaces whenever possible so they are available around the clock. Since time is of the essence

when cardiac arrest occurs, having an openly accessible defibrillator is equally important as

having the device.

1. Open cabinet door

2. Remove defibrillator

3. Provide lifesaving aid

4. Replace defibrillator in cabinet

5. Close cabinet door

6. Defibrillator once again ready for use

- Visible in the dark with 2 x LED lights

- Low annual electricity consumption

- Insulated, stainless steel weatherproof cabinet

- Thermostat-controlled heating system ensures performance year-round

- Ventilation fan

- Updateable software

Learn more: CP EAST tel. (+45) 46 14 06 00 CP WEST Vejle, tel. (+45) 25 22 55 00 / Galten, tel. (+45) 75 14 06 00

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