ACTIVITIES 2005 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

ACTIVITIES 2005 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

In 2005 a new senate has been elected for the period 2006 – 2010:

Felix Unger, President

Nikolaus Lobkowicz, Vice-President

Francisco Rubia, Vice-President

Erich Hödl, Vice-President

Karl Bornschein, Treasurer

Maximilian Fussl, Grapharius

Gilbert Fayl, Secretary for External Affairs

Ludwig Tavernier, Secretary for Editing

Heinrich Stremitzer, Auditor

Felix Mayrhofer-Grüenbühl, Auditor

Maria Anna Eder, General Secretary

France Bernik, Senator

Maurizio Cumo, Senator

tefan Luby, Senator

Sotirios Raptis, Senator

José Angel Sánchez Asiaín, Senator

Beat Sitter-Liver, Senator

Sylvester E. Vizi, Senator.

A Activities organized by the Salzburg office

I. General

The General office in Salzburg is on the Mönchsberg and is run and maintained

by Harald Weiß and Maria Lährm. There is additional help from

Christine Greco and students assistants helping in administering the Academy.

The general office holds the member registry and also organizes most

meetings taking place in Europe. The book-keeping is outsourced.

The Academy takes an interdisciplinary approach, acts transnationally in

networking, and is building bridges toward common approaches and understanding

reflective in modern Europe. In this context there are four main

groups of activities which are described in the chapter IV, V, VI and VII.

The President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts Felix Unger

visited in February 2005 His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al

Nahyan where he proposed to establish an Academy of Sciences and Arts

as well as a Heart Centre in Abu Dhabi. His Highness sent Prof. Unger

looking in the country. In summarizing all impressions a proposal to His

Highness founding in Abu Dhabi an Academy of Sciences as well as a

Heart Centre in a Seven Star Style is shaped. The founded Academy has the

task to develop intercontinental mutual cooperations and being a Think

Tank for the region and the country. The Heart Centre should be a Seven

Star Heart Centre internationally recognized reference centre for cardiac

care and being a part of the whole concept “Health is Wealth”.

This proposed Academy and Heart Centre for Abu Dhabi with all components

has to be facilitated in a Seven Star Style. The optimal way is establishing

The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Island comprising the

Academy, the Heart Centre, a Conference Centre, a Hotel as well as a

Guest House on an Island in Abu Dhabi. In the “Gulf News” the idea of an

Academy has been published.

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