ACTIVITIES 2005 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

ACTIVITIES 2005 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

II. Foundations

The Academy holds a Foundation in Austria entitled “Europäische Akademie

der Wissenschaften und Künste Privatstiftung”. The Foundation

in Austria has the specific goal to enable additional funds for the projects of

the Academy and to raise 4 - 5 mill. Euro.

The „Stiftung Schweiz der Europäischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

und Künste“ has the main objective of the Swiss Foundation

consists in initiating and realizing projects of European relevance.

- Brain Research and the Conception of Human Being

- Minority Languages, Migration and Tolerance

- Contribution to Shaping the Swiss Federal Policy of Promoting


III. Plena 2005

In 2005 there have been many activities within the spectrum of the entire

Academy. The most significant activities have been Plenary Sessions, Special

Sessions, Conventions and Working Groups.

On March 5 th 2005 the Academy held the Festive Plenary Session in Salzburg.

Ferenc Mádl, President of Hungary and Protector of the Academy,

has presented the laudation to the former Vice-President György Pethes receiving

the title of Senator h.c. The Governor of Salzburg, Gabi Burgstaller,

welcomed our new members. The two main talks were really complementary

to each other: Jean-Jacques Dordain, President of the European

Space Agency, presented the activities of space exploration and Eugen Biser

spoke about the spiritual dimension of space and cosmology. These two

presentations characterize the interdisciplinary spirit of the Academy.

On August 15 th Giandomenico Picco received the “Price of Tolerance

2005” in Salzburg.

On October 21 st 2005 the Fall Plenary Session was organized in Ljubljana

by Branko Stanovnik, and dealt with the “Natural Sciences in Contemporary

Society”. Commissioner Potonik delivered the introductory remarks,

f focusing on the human dimensions of nanotechnologies, as well as related

physical and metaphysical approaches.

IV. European Health

1. Health is Wealth

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts delivered in 2004

the report “Health is Wealth – Strategic Visions for European

Health Care at the Beginning of the 21 st Century”. This report was

presented on October 10 th , 2005 in Brussels to the National Health

Attaches, who were invited by the Austrian Ambassador. The EU

Director General of Health, Ferdinand Sauer, was also present and

stimulated the Academy by suggesting the design for a European

Institute of Health enabling greater standardization in medicine, as

desired by the member states. Due to European Parliament elections,

some meeting delays occurred.

We are very grateful to the support of Mr. Ingo Friedrich, the

Vice-President of the European Parliament, as well Philippe

Busquin, the Chairman of STOA. We are now scheduled in the

first half of 2006, presenting “Health is Wealth” to the STOA. The

parliamentarian hearings are under preparation.

2. On January 28 th there was a meeting on new cardiac surgery in the

European region in Salzburg chaired by F. Unger.

3. “Stem cells research” organized by K. Meßmer and R. Huss on

February. 23 rd , 2005.

4. “Chiemgauer Kardiologietage”, a meeting between cardiologists

and cardiac surgeons was held on September 24 th , 2005, chaired by

W. Moshage.

5. 6. Mannheimer Ethik-Symposium on September 24 th in Mannheim:

Erotik - Sexualität - Beziehungskultur im Spannungsfeld zwischen

Ratlosigkeit und neuer Dogmatisierung.

Interdisziplinäre Herausforderung für Wissenschaften und Künste.

Organized by H. Kick.

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