Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


The project will end with the publication of the Conference papers, enriched by a few

contributions of invited authors. Publication is planned for summer 2007. Editors:

Adrian Holderegger (Theology, Fribourg), Beat Sitter-Liver (Philosophy, Fribourg),

Christian W. Hess (Neurology, Bern), and Günter Rager (Anatomy, Embryology,

Fribourg). Publishers: Academic Press Fribourg, together with Schwabe Publishers



1. The main aim of the Central- and Eastern European Network 1

(CEEN) is to support the

deeper integration of these countries into the European Research Area.

The CEEN holds two annual meetings in the members’ capitals.

In 2006 the first meeting was held in Budapest on 26th of May. It was organised jointly

with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and invited experts included officials from

the European Commission.

The Budapest meeting resulted in the declaration “Ensure Adequate Funds”. This

draws the attention to the fact that the EU funds allocated for EU research for the

period 2007-2013 is considerably below the level requested by the European

Commission and recommended by the European Parliament and the scientific community.

The second meeting was held in Prague on 27th of November, organised jointly with

the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Here, Prof. J. Buzek, Member of the

European Parliament (where he is the Rapporteur for the 7th EU RTD Framework

Programme) and Commission officials participated.

Following the Prague meeting, CEEN formulated the declaration “Ensure Adequate

Coherence”. This supports the Commission proposal to establish a European Institute

of Technology. In this context the CEEN identified a number of issues that remain to

be addressed and formulated related recommendations.

1 The European Academy of Sciences and Arts has taken the initiative to CEEN early 2003 in connection with the then upcoming EU

enlargement. CEEN is a platform for dialogue among the Presidents (or their personal representatives) of National Academies of

Sciences from the countries in Central- and Southeast Europe. Members are invited from the: Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia

and Herzegovina, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Academy of Sciences of the Czech

Republic, Estonian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kosova Academy of Sciences and Arts, Latvian Academy

of Sciences, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, Polish Academy of Sciences,

Romanian Academy, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts,

and World Academy of Art. Dr. Gilbert Fayl provides the scientific secretariat.


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