Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts



The main project will be the Health Project, where in the next step the Classification of

medicine will be implemented. In preparation will be the Festplenum, the Prize of Tolerance

and the Fall Plenum which will be organized in Hamburg by Rainer Ansorge. In overall we

can be very happy that so many activities are arising.

A meeting has been organized in 2006 by Erich Hödl and he is launching a continuation in

2007 on “New Economics”.

The activities with Abu Dhabi are ongoing and we hope that we will have a breakthrough

in 2007.

“Peace Among Languages and Cultures – a Question of Tolerance"

This project was started early in 2006. Director is Professor Georges Lüdi from Basel, an

internationally renowned linguist. He is being assisted by Professor Kurt Seelmann, a specialist

in penal law and philosphy of law (Basel), and Dr Hoo Nam Seelmann-Park, philosopher

and specialist of comparative cultural studies (Basel). An interdisciplinary

Symposium will take place from 26 to 28 April, 2007, at Gerzensee Study Center. These

results will be published.

“Contributing to Shaping the Swiss Federal Policy of Promoting Culture”

The project is still running, due to the somewhat slow development of the political and

administrative processes. Yet it is in good shape, presenting several positive results. The

Swiss Foundation succeeded in gathering a number of first rate Swiss cultural organisations,

establishing thus an "association of common interest" (Interessengemeinschaft "KFG

/ PHG") with the sole objective of supporting and, mainly, amending the running process

of legislation (creating a new federal law for the promotion of culture, and revision of the

existing Federal Law for Pro Helvetia, the Swiss public foundation for the promotion of

culture). Dr. Rolf Keller, Director of the Basle Center for Cultural Management, has been

engaged as the project leader. Projects for amending the existing drafts of both laws were

discussed between representatives of approx. 30 cultural organisations; a proposal for

amending the two laws reached the Minister of the competent Federal Departement and

the responsable Office of Cultural Affairs. Members of Parliament received the proposal

which met with large approval and gave - and is still giving – rise to constructive discussions.

Depending on the administrative and, later, the parliamentary agendas, the project

may go on until the end of 2007, or maybe right into the first half of the year 2008. It might

even continue, with important discussions and elaboration of the respective ordinances.

The Swiss Foundation firmly intends to bring the project to the best possible end.

"Art and Tolerance"

Since autumn 2006, the fourth project has been given intensive consideration. A convincinig

rationale has not yet been found. The problem appears more tricky than the Council of

the foundation had thought. In early 2007, a decision will be taken whether the attempt

shall continue or be abandoned.


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