Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


ergize the vision and experience of eminent members of the Association that during their

professional life have demonstrated unique vision and knowledge. Based on their collective

wisdom and understanding, the members of the Council will provide counsel and guidance

to IWA on key issues. This will include advice to the younger generation of water

professionals and to decision makers in political, industrial and academic organisations.

The Council consists of nine individuals. Among these are two members of the Institute,

namely Hans Huber and Peter Wilderer who acts as co-chairman.


The TUM-IAS will support inspiring basic research through interdisciplinary initiatives.

Important advances in knowledge are expected from these initiatives. The institute brings

together researchers from TUM with distinguished scholars from around the world to jointly

conduct fundamental research. The research must comply with the standards of fundamental

• interdisciplinary – innovative

• unique.

One of the university’s main aims is to create a community of scholars who contribute

significantly to the intellectual life of TUM. This challenge is by no means reduced to science

and engineering, but also depends on the humanities and social sciences.

The Institute supports the activities of TUM-IAS. Peter Wilderer was appointed as internal

member. For more information please visit:


ASK-EU offers high quality technical knowledge in the scope of environmental technology

and management. National and international experts are presented by their profile with

reference to further knowledge assets.

• ASK-EU offers content of high value in the fields of environmental technology and


• ASK-EU provides knowledge in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French from

over 100 international universities, publishing houses and associations.

• Within seconds registered users get access to professional articles, case studies, planning

tools and best practice solutions. In particular these selfcontained knowledge

assets support engineering companies and municipalities in their daily work.

• With a short profile and a picture authors present their professional background. Further

articles and knowledge assets are shown with the profile and qualify the authors as

experts in their subject.

• The search for knowledge is done dynamically and knowledge based. The results can be

rated by the user at a glance.

• In a next step ASK-EU is projected as a cross-lingual semantically web, that will provide

stake-holders with a decision support system.

The Institute supports the activities of ASK-EU. Peter Wilderer acts as scientific advisor.

For more information please visit:


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