Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


1. European – Latvian Institute “Eurolat” (hereinafter – Institute) is an association of

scientists without rights of a juridical person that functions within the structure of LAS,

bringing into effect and developing the agreement of LAS and EASA of April 13, 1991

on the development of Institute for the integration of Latvian science and culture in


2. The institute functions as a link between LAS and EASA and in its action joins and

encourages the main task of EASA: contributing to the development of unity of

Europe, supporting knowledge, cooperation and tolerance in society.

3. The Institute carries out the following functions:

3.1. encouraging the popularization of the priority branches of action of EASA in Latvia as

well as organizing events supporting those in Latvia;

3.2. coordinating the cooperation between LAS and EASA

3.3. taking part into the fulfillment of initiatives and projects of EASA

4. To fulfill its functions, the Institute performs following tasks:

4.1. developing a plan of action in accordance to the plans and prospective projects of


4.2. solving questions connected with the work of the delegation of Latvia of EASA

4.3. organizing and coordinating the running of the competition for the European Prize

(Felix Prize) and supporting prize and the awarding ceremony;

4.4. organizing scientific conferences, workshops and the publishing of printed material

connected with these events.

5. Within the structure of the Institute there is the Advisory Board, Chairman of the

Institute, Learned Secretary and the invited scientists;

6. The Advisory Board is formed by the Members of EASA in Latvia;

7. The Advisory Board elects the Chairman of the Institute from its own structure. The

name of the Chairman is brought to the notice of the LAS Senate and the EASA


8. The chairman manages the day-to-day running of the Institute.

On October 31, 2006 the autumn session of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and the

European Academy of Sciences and Arts, entitled “Society Between Past and Future:

Ageing and Succession of Generations” was held. The following scientific reports were

delivered during the session: Pïteris Zvidri¿‰ presented his paper “Population ageing in

the Baltic States: dynamics and differences”, which was followed by Vilnis Zari¿‰’ who

spoke on “Problems of ageing and succession of generations in contemporary society”.

Scientific reports “Molecular basis of ageing” by Vija Klu‰a and “Medical aspects of population

ageing” by Iveta Ozolanta concluded the first part of the session. After a break, the

ceremony of awarding the European Prize (Felix Prize) was held. Corresponding member

of the LAS Dr.phil. V. Zari¿‰ was awarded the European Prize, and, according the decision

previously made by the Experts commission, the supporting prizes went to Dr.hist. R.

Blumberga and A. Sprappleds.

Dr. Vilnis Zari¿‰, corresponding member of the LAS, was nominated for his lifelong contribution

to the philosophy in Latvia, for his numerous translations from the French and

German languages, for his activities introducing, jointly with N. Antïns, the series of clas-


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