Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts


sical works in philosophy “Avots”, as well as for tireless education of the new generation

of philosophers. His action is turned towards the exploration of the Latvian identity, the

analysis the history of ideas of Latvia, paying a special attention to the values of

Enlightenment, the time of the origins of idea of statehood in Latvia. Vilnis Zari¿‰ is

known as a good publicist and has gained attention in society with his sharp, bright speeches

and articles.

The following candidates were proposed for the supporting prizes:

Dr.hist. RenÇte Blumberga, researcher of the Institute of History of Latvia, University of

Latvia, nominated for the monographic work “Livish People in Documents and Letters:

Expeditions of Finnish Scientists to Livish People” (Riga): Institute of the History of Latvia

Publishers. The monograph is a significant and original research not only in Latvia, but also

outside its borders, that brings in the use a source base not known before, supplementing

and specifying the former investigations not only in ethnical and cultural history of Livs, but

also in the history of science of Latvia. It has gained affirmative references among the

scientists of Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

The candidate was nominated by Professor JÇnis Stradi¿‰, full member of the EASA.

Dr.soc.pol. Andris Sprappleds, lecturer of the Faculty of European Studies at Riga Stradins

University and research fellow at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, is nominated

for the small prize for investigations of business factor in Latvian – Russian relations:

cooperation and competition (doctoral dissertation in Jagiellonian University, Krakow).

The candidate was nominated by Professor J. Vïtra, full member of the EASA.

XI.6.Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Cultural Exchanges, Timiosoara:

Ladislau Vékás

Mihai Viteazul 24, RO-1900 Timiosoara

Tel.: +40/56/221 547, Fax: +40/56/191 816

Activities in 2006:

Prof. Fr. Schneider (Univ. "Vasile Goldis" Arad), organized conferences implying

EASA: Symp. on "Water, Environment and Health"; Conf. on Geomedicine and Conf. on

Gerontology. Unfortunately, this year also Prof. Schneider, who usually attained the

Salzburg Meeting in the past, will be not there at the end of this week. Among those who

will participate at the Festive Plenary Meeting will be Prof. Ioan Stefanescu (Rm.-Valcea).

We had to conclude that the activity of Romanian members of EASA should be much

improved in the future. In 2007, the Romanian group of EASA members wish to organize

a workshop in Timisoara to discuss various topics of interest for scientific cooperation of

Romanian universities and research institutes with EU partners. In this respect, I am glad

to see the improving contacts with the Romanian Academy, with President Prof.I. Haiduc

(Prague, Nov. 2006).

The Romanian Government, through the National Authority for Scientific Research, chaired

by Prof. A. Anton, member of EASA, highly increased during the last two years the


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