Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Activities 2006 - European Academy of Sciences and Arts



January 20, 2006, Munich:

Perspektiven und Risiken der

Stammzellentherapie, Joseph Straus,

Konrad Messmer

February 6, 2006, Vienna:

Inauguration of Heinz Fischer,

President of Austria,

Protector of the Academy

March 3, 2006, Salzburg:

Das Paradigma der Medizin im 21.

Jahrhundert, Felix Unger

March 3, 2006, Salzburg:

Der Obdachlose Gott, Eugen Biser

March 4, 2006, Zürs am Arlberg:

24th International Cardiovascular Surgical

Symposium, Manfred Deutsch,

Axel Haverich

March 11. March 2006, Salzburg,

Festive Plenary Session 2006


Seminar «Technological Innovation in

Europe».Organised by the study directors.

In Madrid.

April 20, 2006, Salzburg:

GLOBArt Symposium,

Heidemarie Dobner, Felix Unger

April 24, 2006, Bratislava:

Inauguration of Ivan Gasparovic,

President of the Slovak Republic,

Protector of the Academy


Debate «The Public Health System in

Spain in the 21st century» Debate

led by Professors García Barreno,

Rubia Vila and Segovia de Arana.


Debate «The Common Space of

Knowledge». In collaboration with

experts from the Government of


May 26, 2006, Budapest:

Central- and Eastern European Network,

Gilbert Fayl

June 12, 2006, Munich:

Atheismus bei Nietzsche und Freud,

Eugen Biser


Meeting «Energy: the present and future

of technology». In collaboration with the

Regional Ministry of Business, University

and Science of the Government of

Valencia. In Valencia. Seminar «Europe’s


The Project Director with the Team

Directors. In Madrid. Seminar: «Mobility

and the Environment». The Project

Director with the Team of Collaborators.

In Madrid. Local Power Seminar:

«The City and Local Power»,

«Management and financial models of

local public services» and «The political

dialect of local power organisation from a

legal perspective». With the collaboration

of the Government of Andalusia. In

Seville. Meeting «Transferring universitybased

research to private companies».

Study Directors with the collaboration of

the Government of Valencia.

July 22, 2006, Salzburg:

Visit of Mrs. President Vike Freiberga in

the Academy Salzburg

August 15, 2006, Salzburg:

Day of Tolerance 2006

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