bekijk - FNK Youngplants

bekijk - FNK Youngplants

Fnk YoungPlAnts histoRY


1974 Frits Kolster jr. making cuttings. 1977 a ‘brand new’ transport lorry. 1982 as FNK expands, a new production site is built.


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It’s a great pleasure for us to present to you our young-plant catalogue. FNK youngplants is a

company with 3 generations of experience in professional plant cultivation. We specialize in climbing

plants, shrubs, conifers and perennials. We have moved some of our production to Ethiopia, a

country with a near perfect growing climate, allowing us almost year-round production of high

quality rooted cuttings, with a healthy root system and a well-branched structure.

our unique selling Points:

Year-Round growing

In Ethiopia we can produce strong,

vigorous, actively growing rooted

cuttings 12 months a year. This

allows us the flexibility to supply

material at the most optimal time

of year for each of our customers.

Photo coveR: PAssiFloRA cAeRuleA

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efficient transport

We ship all the rooted cuttings

packed loose in cardboard boxes.

We can pack approximately 300

rooted cuttings per box, making

it possible to load up to 12.000

rooted cuttings on a single cctrolley.

We use the new rFID

tagged cc-trolleys.

12 coniFeRs



Ready to Pot

rooted cuttings are removed

from the growing trays and can

be potted straight out of the

cardboard box. Easy potting,

no growing tray to dispose of,

cheaper transport (the rooted

cuttings can also easily be held in

a cold-store for a few days).

14 oRdeR PRocess



at the motherplant greenhouse

in Ethiopia: Emiel and

nursery manager Edwin

how to oRdeR

Sales World Wide

Rick kolster

+31 (0) 6 3100 2105

Sales holland

Frits kolster

+31 (0) 6 2244 2191

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