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130 Literaturverzeichnis

[Pas 2004b] M. Pascual, C. Lara, M.O. Prado, A. Duran, Sintering of Glasses in the

system RO-Al2O3-BaO-SiO2 (R=Ca, Mg, Zn) studied by hot-stage

microscopy, Solids State Ionics 170 (2004) 201-208.

[Pas. 2006] M. Pascual, C. Lara, R. Keding, A. Duran, Electrical behaviour of glassceramics

in the system RO-BaO-SiO2 (R= Mg, Zn) for sealing SOFCs,

Journal of Power Sources 157 (2006) 377-384.

[Pav 2007] Pavlina, E. J., Meier, A.M., Montelbone, P., Weigner, J.D., Development

of Silver-Metal Oxide Reactive Air Braze Alloys for Electroding PZT

Ceramics, In: Journal of Materials Science 42, Nr. 3 (2007) 705-713.

[Pel 1999] A.D. Pelton, P. Wu: Thermodynamic modeling of glass-forming melts. J.

Non-Cryst. Solids (1999) 253.

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Ceramic Society, Westerville, Ohio 1998.

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25, (1991) 433-438.

[Ral 2001] J.M. Ralph, A.C. Schoeler, M. Rsumpelt: Materials for lower

temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, J. Mater. Sci., 36 (2001) 1161-


[Rei 2006] S.T. Reis, R.K. Brow; Designing Sealing Glasses for Solid Oxide Fuel

Cells. International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology. Volume 4,

Issue 2 (2007) 134–144.

[Rob 1978] R.A. Robie et al.: Thermodynamic properties of minerals and related

susbatnces at 298.15 K and 1 bar (10 5 Pascals) pressure and at higher

temperatures. Geol. Survey Bull. 1452 U.S. Govt. Printing Officce,

Washington 1978.

[Sab 1984] E.C. Sabbarao, H. Maiti, Solid State Ionics 11 (1984) 317.

[Sac 1965] W. Sack, Glas, Glaskeramik und Sinterglaskeramik, Jenaer Glaswerk

Schott & Gen., Mainz, Chemie-Ing. –Techn. 37. Jahrg. 1965/Nr. 11.

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