Untersuchungen zur evidenzbasierten Auswertung therapeutischer ...


Untersuchungen zur evidenzbasierten Auswertung therapeutischer ...

followed by randomized, controlled trials (23 %) and expert

opinion / editorials/ consensus reports (18 %).

A metaanalysis could not be created caused by missing comparability between the

publications investigated in regards to study design and content, or because the

studies’ high quality standard was missing.

In summary, it should be noted that a lack of strong evidence of blinded, randomized,

controlled trials of all three illness complexes investigated exists. Blinded,

randomized, controlled trials are the gold standard of therapeutic studies.

Accordingly, it should be made certain in the future to improve quality of therapeutic

trials in both, their implementation as well as its subsequent documentation.

No testimony can be given at present, relying on evidence-based statements about

the best form of therapy of diseases of the ovarian cyst syndrome, the

hypocalcaemia post partum as well as of bovine retained fetal membranes.


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