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BDA Telekom T-Fax 307PA english/französisch -

BDA Telekom T-Fax 307PA english/französisch -


8 INSTALLATION Connections Plug the handset cord to the connector of the fax (1). Plug the telephone line cord to the connector (2) of the machine and connect the other end to the wall telephone socket. Plug the power supply unit to the connector (3) and the power cord into an A.C. outlet . Ink ribbon 3 2 1 Open the front and the back cover (4, 5). Place the ink ribbon kit above its housing under the back cover (6). Put it in its housing without removing the adhesive tape. Remove the adhesive tape . 4 Place the small roll in its housing (7). Installing the ribbon gauge. Remove gauge housing cover (8): . slide the cover towards the back, . remove the gauge mini-card (9) from the support card (10). Insert the gauge (9) in the slot (11) of its housing with the chip facing you and the bevelled corner positioned on top right. Replace the gauge housing cover (8). Close the back cover (5), then the front cover (4). 11 10 9 6 8 5 7

Paper Open the fax insert cover (12). Pull up the paper supporting bracket. Put the paper between the paper guides (13). Adjust the left paper guide to (13) the paper width. Push forward the clamp (14) to insert the paper into the paper housing of the machine. Pull up the document supporting bracket (15) to ease the collection of printed pages. Fax Sending a fax Pull up the fax insert cover. Pull up the document supporting bracket. Insert the document in the document feeder. Dial the number. Press the START key. Receiving a fax Leave always paper in the back paper tray in order to receive automaticaly faxes. Fax answering machine Printing the faxes you have received (if there is no paper in the tray) ! light blinking: faxes are in memory. Insert paper into the paper tray. Press the START key. The machine prints all faxes, in memory. Telephone answering machine Recording OGM Press the MENU key, then the ANSAGE key. Lift the handset key and start speaking. 13 15 12 13 14

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