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Download - Fakultät 06 - Hochschule München

Download - Fakultät 06 - Hochschule München

9.7 Analyse der

9.7 Analyse der Verbesserung nach Variation der Parametern

Need for information or knowledge, data delivered Incomplete understanding of stakeholder requirements Team members not colocated Use of inappropriate tools/methods Lack of needed information Ursachen Wissenschaftliche Bachelorarbeit 77 9.8 Gesamt Konzept Unclear or shiftings targets Partial information Incompatible software suites innapropriate use of competency Decision criteria unclear Reworking product or processes Lack of reviews, test, verifications Handoffs Poorly designed user interface excessive transactions Haste Stop and go tasks excessive approvals Working with wrong level of detail too much information to sort through Lack of training Inefficient work environment unnecessary detail and accuracy Reformatting Lack of standard for data conversion Ineffective communication Information pushed to wrong people Lack of direct access unnecessary features and processes Security issues Manual data conversion Inefficient use of tools Overprocessing Defects Information hunting Excessive data traffic Motion Incompleteness Lack of direct information access Transportation Insufficient knowledge sharing pull Information incompatibility standardisation Poor relevance, objectivity, conciseness Waste lean enablers 1 poor compatibility, capacity Value-Method DSM Deficient information quality Insuficient IT-tools / System communication lean enablers n Value lean enablers 2 Information deterioration during communication low capability no open information sharing lean enablers 3 Flow Difficult to understand erroneous or incomplete information Lack of access Test then design Inventory Late delivery of information Waiting Unecessary testing equipment and prototypes Wait times due to other wastes Overproduction Miscommunication of information Outdated, obsolete information Lack of control Information waiting for people Suspect quality of information Creation of unecessary data and information Incomplete content redundant tasks Poor synchronization as regards time and capacity Unclear responsability Complicated retrieval Frequent interruptions redundant tasks Strong dependencies Untimely updating of data basis No learning of basic knowledge Multitasking excessive data storage Low performance creation of unecessary data and information Reinvention, no standard for the reuse of information Delivering info too early Insufficient communication channels Multiple approvals No learning from practice Processing defective information (undiscovered errors) Product feature inventory Interruptions in process People waiting for capacity available Poorly designed or executed process to provide information Overdissemination of information Poor synchronization as regards contents Organizationnal / Process barriers Hand-off

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