Rote Liste Grosspilze - Verein für Pilzkunde St.Gallen

Rote Liste Grosspilze - Verein für Pilzkunde St.Gallen

Summary 11

> Summary

The 2007 Red List of threatened macrofungi in Switzerland is based on the criteria

proposed by the IUCN (2001) and the guidelines for regional Red Lists by the IUCN


Of the 2956 evaluated species of the Swiss macromycetes flora, 937 (32 %) are threatened.

1 of these is at present extinct in Switzerland (RE), 81 (2,7 %) are considered as

critically endangered (CR), 360 (12,1 %) as endangered (EN) and 495 (16,7 %) as

vulnerable (VU). An additional 143 (4,8 %) species are listed as nearly threatened (NT)

and 1876 species (63,5 %) are not threatened (LC). Due to missing data a total of 2004

species (40,4 %) could not be classified (DD).

The highest percentages of Red List species are found in dry grassland and bogs and

mires. The alpine zone has several threatened species due to overall small populations

in small areas. In woodlands the percentage of threatened species is comparable small.

However nutrient input from the air threatens the habitat quality especially for mycorrhizal

species, especially so in the Swiss plateau. Numerous threatened species are

wood-inhabiting species. The increase of woody debris as a consequence of wind

throw events and changing forestry managements in the last years has not yet positively

influenced the presence of rare, highly specialized wood saprotrophs.

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