Does anybody remember Alfons?

Does anybody remember Alfons?



Kostas Akrivos, one of the few writers who publish really often without doing this on

purpose to keep us warm has just delivered his most mature work.

Dimosthenis Kourtovik, newspaper Ta Nea (Vivliodromio)

The most wonderful novel Akrivos has written until now, […] the plot is intelligently

interwoven keeping the interest of the readers alive. The writer describes our darkness

towards the world and the others while at the same time shows how tight are the ropes

that bind us together.

Titika Dimitroulia, newspaper Kathimerini tis Kyriakis

Akrivos, in each literary attempt either it is a novel or a collection of short stories,

succeeds to say something different and stay loyal to it. […] Taking into account this

ripe literary course, he reaches with his twelfth novel his most mature moment.

Elena Chouzouri, newspaper H Avgi

Kostas Akrivos acts with the persistence of an entomologist and with a burning soul

as if he seeks for the traces of a lost relative […] there are times he either coincides

with his hero or come into complete contrast with him… the style of narration is

noteworthy, at first there are the notes of the writer resembling a journalistic research,

occasionally becomes a chronicle and at the end gets off the ground with a parallel

existential angst, a common philosophy and closely related way of seeing life.

Eleni Gika, newspaper Ethnos

A work that balances between fiction and reportage, a mosaic of testimonies, calendar

notes, photos, public documents, letters and press clipping concerning the personality

of Hochhauser, the fictional alter ego of the writer. […] Kostas Akrivos after having

shed light to Alfons’ life, let us hover with the following question: Is it possible

Greece surprise pleasantly someone? Apart from history and an ark full of precious

myths, is there anything nowadays that could touch someone who is not Greek?

Stavroula Papaspίrou , newspaper Eleftherotypia

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