Does anybody remember Alfons?

Does anybody remember Alfons?




Pages: 400

Format: 13x20

Publication: October 2007

Excerpts in English, German and Turkish available on


Rights sold to Switzerland (for the German language) &

Italy (Crocetti Editore)

About the book

On the 16th of April 2004 in a monastery of Mt. Athos, monks discover in terror a dead

body in one of their cells. If one realizes that for over a thousand years it is forbidden

for women or even female animals to set foot on this place, it becomes obvious how

terrifying and mysterious this murder case is, since the body belongs to a young woman.

Kostas Akrivos keeps readers intrigued to the very last page of his thriller Pandemonium

with a series of unsolved mysteries and suspicion on all sides. Is the death the outcome

of a sexual scandal? Is the interference of a foreign power to blame? Has Lucifer himself

had a hand in it or is the real cause something even more frightening than all of that?

The author evokes an atmosphere that combines the solitude of the monastic life with a

worldly murder investigation in a book that flirts playfully with the detective novel

without ever quite becoming one. Akrivos casts his net beyond the confines of Athos,

and the action encompasses references to the religious, social and politico-ideological

make-up of contemporary Greece.

A small excerpt

[…] That was devoutly to be wished! Niphon turned his eyes and looked again on the

same picture: snow, snow ... So anything of the sort was out of the question for some

hours to come. Later it would be dusk, night would fall. He started to say something.

Only now he noticed that her clothes were wet, like her hair. Isn't this how the

animals which lose their way in the forest are? When they're late returning to their

nest and are overtaken by rain or a hunter. Wild animals taken by surprised, terrified.

Animals whose hearts are chilled by fear.

He climbed with hasty steps up to the monastery. Whatever happened, there was no

way that Niphon was going to leave the girl without help. Of course, he knew

perfectly well, the words hammered at his brain: The girl has violated the sanctuary,

the girl has violated the sanctuary ...Agreed. But what was to be done now that

circumstances had seen to it that she needed his help?

He soon found work to distract him. He spent around two hours emptying out the

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