Does anybody remember Alfons?

Does anybody remember Alfons?

ilge water from the boat, arranging the nets and the hooks, scraping mould from the

oars. His hands worked, but his brain worked even more.

He left everything and went towards the two leaves of the door – big and eaten away

by the brine of so many years. He pulled back the bolt and lifted the heavy latch. He

pushed hard at the two leaves. The sea appeared before him. It had begun to snow

again. Large flakes were falling, and melting on the grey water. The angels are

changing their wings ...He took another step. A black figure against a white

background. He crossed his arms on his chest. His fingertips rested on the point

where he had the mark. Where the angel kissed him on the day he was born. […]

About the author

Kostas Akrivos was born in 1958 in Volos. He works as a teacher

in secondary education. A highly acclaimed author he has

published novels, short stories and anthologies. He is the editor of

the series A City in Literature (Metaichmio). Published works

include: Pandemonium (2007) published also in Italy (Crozetti

Editore) and Switzerland (Waldgut Verlag) and Manhood

ceremonies. A life in seventeen episodes (2009).

METAICHMIO PUBLICATIONS, 118 Ippokratous str., 11472 Athens, Greece.

Tel: +30 211 3003500, fax: +30 211 3003562, E-mail: /

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