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D 2300 Kiel 1, Düsternbrooker Weg 20 - OceanRep


1. A study of the benthic macrofauna in the shallow water area ( 5 - 1 5 m

depth) of Kiel Bay was carried out in the years 1982 and 1983. 178 samples

were collected from 45 stations by means of a 0.1m2-VanVeen-grab.

Annual macrobenthic succession and production was investigated at one

station 8t the Schleisand near Schleinriinde (6m depth, fine sand). Samples

were taken at 9 dates between April 1982 and April 1983.

All samples were washed through a 1 mm sieve.

2. 97 macrobenthic species were found. The species with the highest frequency

correspond to the character-species of the"Macoma—community" of

PETERSEN (1918).

With the exception of the areas with coarse, gravely sediment the average

abundance amounted to 7350 ind./m2, the average biomass amounted to 14.5

gAFDW/m1. The annual production was estimated at ca. 30 gAFDW/m2.

In the Flüggesand - Hohwachter Bucht area the biomass of the molluscs was

about five times higher in comparison to the values found between 1962 and

1965 by KÜHLMORGEN-HILLE (1965).

3. In the 5 - 15 m depth area of Kiel Bay 5 macrozoobenthos-communities

were identified by means of clusteranalysis.

1. "Gravel/coarse sand"-group: 34 species; no quantitative data.

2. "Hohwachter Bucht"-group; 46 species; 6500 ind./m*; 11.2 gAFDW/m2.

3. "Shallow water "-group: 47 species; 6250 ind./m*; 14.3 gAFDW/m2.

4. "Medium depthM-group: 67 species; 8760 ind./m2; 17.1 gAFDW/m2.

5. "Deep water"-group: 73 species; 6990 ind./m2; 13.6 gAFDW/m2.

Group 4 and 5 are very similar with regard to their fauna, therefore their

delimitation is still uncertain.

4. At the station Schleinriinde 59 species were found. Only 17 species were

present on more than 6 of the 9 sampling dates. The annual average abundance

of all species amounted to 9100 ind./m2, the annual average biomass

amounted to 28 gAFDW/m2. The highest values were obtained in September

1982î 24950 ind./m2 and 46.3 gAFDW/m2; the lowest values occured in March

1983: 2850 ind./m2 and 7 gAFDW/m2.

The annual macrobenthic production amounted to ca. 78 gAFDW/m*. Only 6

species had a production which was more than 1 gAFDW/m2. Cardium edule had

the highest production: 40 gAFDW/m3.

At the station Schleimiinde the annual macrobenthic production (78 gAFDW/m2)

is more than twice as high as the average production of the remaining

investegated area (30 gAFDW/m2). It also exeeds the production value for

the area from 1 to 5 m depth (24 gAFDW/m2, W0RTHMANN 1976) as well as the

production value for the area deeper than 15m depth (23.5 gAFDW/m2, ARNTZ

and BRUNSWIG 1975) of Kiel Bay.

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