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SpeedDream yacht design project

Yandex - SpeedDream is a quest to

build the world’s fastest monohull.

SpeedDream is the name of naval

architect Vlad Murnikov’s design and

Yandex, the Russian tech giant, is

the technology partner to the project.

The boat is a 27-foot prototype of

what Murnikov believes is a breakthrough

in modern monohull design.

It features unique and innovative design

attributes including a true wave

piercing bow, a lateral step in the

hull, a feature found mostly on powerboats,

and a keel that cants in

excess of 80-degrees. This means

that when the boat heels more than

10 degrees the keel comes out of the

water and flies.

The designer‘s mantra that a multihull

has to become a monohull before

it really starts to pick up speed

has strongly influenced the design

and SpeedDream can be seen as a

catamaran with the hull itself as the

leeward hull, and the flying keel as

the windward hull. No drag and a

high righting moment means that the

boat really flies.

Marinepool is the „Official Clothing

Supplier“ of this revolutionary

SpeedDream yacht design project.

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