Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

SCIP II Program 2009-2014

(Progress report year three)

Author und Co-author(s) Francesco Corleoni


SCIP II Project Manager, Studsvik


SE-611 82 Nyköping, SWEDEN

Tel., E-mail, Internet address +46760021106

Duration of project

5 years


SCIP II is a 5 years NEA/OECD Joint Project run

by Studsvik in which about 30 organizations

are participating.

The program aim is to generate high quality

experimental data to improve the understanding

of the dominant failure mechanism for

water reactor fuels and to devise means for

reducing fuel failure.

The project is organized into 4 tasks which deal

with a review of old ramp results, pellet-cladding

interaction and mechanical interaction,

and hydrogen induced failures. In the frame

of the different tasks several light optical and

scanning electron microscopies have been performed,

as well as mechanical tests as hardening

relaxation and mandrel tests.

ENSI Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 123

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