Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

pling of Containment and Primary System

During Accidents», in Proceedings of ASME

2011 Small Modular Reactors Symposium,

Washington, DC, USA, September 28–30,


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September 5–8, 2005.

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BWR Containment with the Coupled Version

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14 th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear

Reactor Thermalhydraulics (NURETH-14),

Toronto, Canada, September 25–30, 2011.

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sump screens clogging of a nuclear power

plant during an accident, in Récents Progrès

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DA test results and code assessment for investigations

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Engineering (ICONE-6), San Diego, CA, USA,

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ENSI Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012

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