Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

and a quantitative evaluation of its performance will

be presented in the paper. The optical technique

and its degree of intrusiveness will be discussed and

first measurements for adiabatic conditions and a

direct comparison with already validated conductance

based wall mesh sensor technique will be performed.

The NURETH-15 conference paper should

be submitted by the end of 2012.


The authors gratefully acknowledge Dr. Ahmed Bentaib

from IRSN and Dr. Werner Barten from ENSI for

reviewing the research work reported in the present

progress report.


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environment», ENSI Research report 2011, EN-

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[2] H. Yang, D. Greszik, I. Wlokas, T. Dreier and C.

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for the simultaneous measurement of water

film thickness, liquid- and vapor-phase temperature»,

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[3] J. Dupont and H.-M. Prasser, «Non intrusive

near infrared liquid water film thickness measure-ment

technique and 2-D mapping», to

be submitted to NURETH-15, Pisa, Italy, May

12th–16th, 2013 (abstract).

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and comparison of the infrared technique»,

PSI memorandum, S.


ENSI Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012

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