Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012 - Ensi

Atlantic storm track is shifted to the South, however

the changes are smaller and most of the precipitation

still occurs over Northern Europe; precipitation

rates in the alpine region even decrease.

Regarding the mean circulation we find a general

increase in SLP due to the changes in sea-level and

the colder air masses. As in glacial winters there

is also rather cyclonic circulation over the main

ice sheets whereas the main SLP pattern over the

North Atlantic remains similar as during the PI.

Figure A1:

DJF means of the preindustrial

run (PI) and

the glacial simulation

with the strongest

ice sheet forcing, i.e.

MIS4 125 : a)+b) surface

air temperature

(SAT [°C]), c)+d) total

precipitation [mm/

day], e)+f) zonal wind

speed at 200 hPa (u200

[m/s]), and sea-level

pressure (SLP [hPa]).

Note that the MIS4 125

SAT and SLP values

are also affected by

changes in the local



ENSI Erfahrungs- und Forschungsbericht 2012

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