Sekundarstufe II - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Sekundarstufe II - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Fachdidaktik Englisch 1.2

How to Teach Grammar and Vocabulary

The main aim of this course is to familiarize students with essential methods of

grammar and vocabulary teaching. We will discuss these on a theoretical level and

then put them into practice at Sek II. Topics addressed will include various

approaches to grammar teaching (deductive, inductive, lexical approach,

individualized approaches etc.). We will also reflect on how to help pupils to expand,

consolidate, use and revise their English vocabulary. Particular attention will be paid

to the use of authentic texts and creative/student-centered methods in acquiring

formal language skills, as well as to assessing formal language aspects.



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Students will be expected to contribute actively in class and read

the texts set in the reader. They will discuss one theoretical text in

a session and present various ways of putting it into practice. They

will also produce a teaching unit on grammar/vocabulary and give

feedback to units by other students. All these artifacts are

uploaded on the e-learning platform Mahara and become part of

an teaching individual portfolio.


Materials will be supplied in the form of a reader, which will also be

available online. Texts will be largely selected from the following


· Ellis, Rod (2008): The Study of Second Language

Acquisition. Oxford: Oxford University Press

· Gairns, Ruth; Redman, Stuart (1986): Working with Words: A

Guide to Teaching and Learning Vocabulary. Cambridge:

Cambridge University Press

· Scrivener, Jim (2010): Teaching English Grammar: What to

Teach and How to Teach it. Oxford: Macmillan Education

· Thornbury, Scott (1999): How to Teach Grammar. Harlow:


· Thornbury, Scott (2002): How to Teach Vocabulary. Harlow:


· Thornbury, Scott (2005): Uncovering Grammar. Oxford:


· Willis, Dave (2003): Rules, Patterns and Words: Grammar

and Lexis in English Language Teaching. Cambridge:

Cambridge University Press


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0-14FS.P-D-S2-FDEN12BB.EN Stefan Keller

17.02.-31.05.2014, Fr 08.15-10.00

76 732 | Frühjahrssemester | Sekundarstufe II | Fachdidaktik

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