Sekundarstufe II - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Sekundarstufe II - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Fachdidaktik Englisch 1.4

Literary fiction in the English language classroom

In this seminar participants will:

· explore the rationale behind working with literature in English in the Sek II


· develop ideas on how to plan their teaching of literature in English

· engage with a range of texts suitable for different age groups and language

levels at Sek II

· examine the many opportunities presented by literary texts in the ELT classroom

· consider how this area of learning can be assessed.

Literary texts from all genres will form the point of departure for this seminar. The

overarching aim is for students to learn how to develop practical materials and tasks

for the Sek II English classroom and to learn how they can guide upper secondary

pupils towards an appreciation of literary works in English. In addition to forming an

important content area for English lessons at this level, literature and film from

English-speaking cultures also offer opportunities for developing reading and writing

strategies, contextualising language work and supporting social and interpersonal

skills in the classroom.

Work produced in, for and after the seminar will be documented online using

"Mahara", an interactive ePortfolio software which promotes peer and lecturer

feedback, gives students a place to reflect on their progress, and ultimately

showcases a final product, the individual teaching unit on literature in English.



Art der Veranstaltung



Students are required to attend all four Fachdidaktik seminars.

They are free to determine for themselves the sequence modules

are taken in.


Students must attend at least 80% of seminars. They will be

expected to study selected materials on a weekly basis, to do a

short presentation or micro-teaching session and to develop a

teaching unit on literature (for incorporation into the final FD exam

portfolio). Detailed information will be distributed in the seminar.


A reader with a detailed bibliography will be distributed in the first

session. Further reading suggestions include the following:

· Bamford, Julian; Day, Richard (2004): Extensive Reading

Activities for Teaching Language. Cambridge: CUP

· Beach, Richard; Appleman, Deborah; Hynds, Susan and

Wilhelm, Jeffrey (2010): Teaching Literature to Adolescents.

2.ed. Routledge

· Gibson, Rex (2006): Teaching Shakespeare. Cambridge:

Cambridge School

· Lazar, Gillian (1993): Literature and Language Teaching.

Cambridge: CUP

· Nuttall, Christine (2011): Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign

Language. Oxford: Macmillan


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0-14FS.P-D-S2-FDEN14BB.EN Lynn Williams Leppich

17.02.-31.05.2014, Fr 10.15-12.00

77 733 | Frühjahrssemester | Sekundarstufe II | Fachdidaktik

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