PDF (13.3 MB) - Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research


PDF (13.3 MB) - Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research

„We will say so much: God must often send plagues over the land, through which

the sins and blasphemous attitude [in a region] are controlled and others are [to

be] frightened. If we now consider the signes that God has sent to us, we must

realize that these are in fact years and days of wrath which the righteous God

has sent over spoiled Christianity. Because we must only open our eyes and see,

and we shall realize that the lord sends his wrath upon those people by sending

upon them all sorts of plagues.“

„It may now be of natural causes all you want, but we must see from the

circumstances, that the angry God has ordered a downpour from nature, and

through which sent godly justice over Franconia.“

„From the water come many vapors, (...). When now such clouds are thickend

through cold air, and corradled by the winds, yes when a cold and and a warm wind

collide it is no different than in winter time when the air turnes to water on our

window panes, the water becomes heavy and forms drops which fall to earth as

rain. Is the occuence violent we shall get pelting rain, is the violence even greater

we will have a cloudburst through which entire fields are flooded and spoiled. (...)

During normal rain (=Landregen) which makes everything fertile, such misfortune

must not be feared, even if it makes the rivers and streams swell up because the

clouds or rain-sacks are parted or pulled apart so that the water must fall from the

same drop-white.“

Extracts from Chr. Heußon(1733): Diluvium Franconicum Magnum

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