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How to Place an Order

Hu-Friedy instruments may be ordered

through an authorized dental dealer.

Your dental dealer will take your order

and ship the product to you. If you have

questions prior to placing an order or

would like to place an order for

Hu-Friedy products, please call our

Customer Service Department. We will

need to know your dealer preference

because your order will automatically be

shipped and billed through your dental

dealer. If you do not have a dental

dealer, an authorized dealer listing is

available from Hu-Friedy.

Customers in our Hu-Friedy Europe

service area may contact our office in

Leimen, Germany.

HFE phone: ++49 (0) 6224-97000

HFE fax: ++49 (0) 6224-970097

HFE website(s):

Hu-Friedy’s Customer Service


Hu-Friedy is proud of its highly trained,

qualified and professional customer

service team. It is dedicated to helping

you meet your needs. Feel free to call a

Hu-Friedy Customer Service Representative

when special assistance is needed.

Special Order Instruments

Hu-Friedy manufactures an extensive

selection of instruments. We welcome

the opportunity to manufacture instruments

on a special order basis.

Instruments that are currently available,

but are desired in an alternative tip/-

handle selection or are a special school

pattern, are considered special order

instruments. Price quotations are

available upon request. Submit all

special order requests to: Hu-Friedy

Customer Service Department.

Custom Design Instruments

Hu-Friedy is a leader in the development,

manufacture and distribution of

quality dental instruments as well as

products and services related to their

use, maintenance and management.

Because of our tradition to continually

meet the needs of our customers,

Hu-Friedy produces custom designed

instruments as well. Submit all custom

design requests to the Hu-Friedy

Customer Service Department and

include the following: an actual sample

and/or a detailed written description

that includes all dimensions and measurements.

For example: bend angle(s),

point width(s), length(s), radius(radii),

bevel angle(s), handle design, special

material requirements, etc. In addition,

provide the name and phone number of

your dental dealer. This information will

be used to prepare a price quotation.

Pre-payment of an initial prototype fee

and written approval of the price

quotation is required to begin

production. All prototype set-up fees are

non-refundable. Subsequent orders (more

than two years) after the initial order are

subject to additional prototyping

charges. All custom and special designs

remain the property of Hu-Friedy.

Hu-Friedy Guarantee

Any Hu-Friedy product that fails as a

result of material defect or poor workmanship

will be repaired or replaced at

no charge.

Hu-Friedy cannot be responsible for the

performance or replacement of any

Hu-Friedy instrument that has been

tampered with, modified, retipped, or

refitted in any manner.

Returns, Repair and


Complete service for Hu-Friedy instruments

and IMS cassettes is available in

our Europe facility. Please call or write

Hu-Friedy with any questions or concerns

regarding Hu-Friedy instruments. Call

++49-6224-97000 and ask for a

Technical Service Representative. All

returns should be sent to Hu-Friedy

Technical Service, Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 8,

69181 Leimen/Germany.

No Retipping

Hu-Friedy does not repoint or retip instruments.

To do so would compromise the

structural integrity of the instrument and

our quality standards. In addition, there

is a high degree of potential risk to all

parties inherent in such a service.

Therefore, retipping or repointing instruments

may void Hu-Friedy’s warranty.

How To Contact Hu-Friedy



Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., Inc.

3232 N. Rockwell Street

Chicago, IL 60618 · USA

EC Representative:

Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., Inc.,

Zweigniederlassung Deutschland

Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 8

D-69181 Leimen

Tel.: ++49 (0) 62 24 / 97 00-0

Fax: ++49 (0) 62 24 / 97 00-97


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